Thurs 26th March – CLOVER LEAF RELAY


Peter Boyle has invited me to revive the Clover Leaf exercise from a few weeks ago. However, there are a couple of changes, although the basic principle is the same.

There will be four anticlockwise loops, to be run in sequence, all starting and finishing in front of the house.

  • Loop A is down the path alongside the stables, left between the farm and the stables, and back across the cobbles in front of the stables.
  • Loop B is out across the cobbles in front of the stables, left and up the road towards the gates, left along the grass with the trees on the right, and left across the car park.
  • Loop C is up through the car park, left round the back of the house, right down the ramp and sharp left along the paved path.
  • Loop D (and this is different from the original one) is straight down the grass bank towards Mike’s Tree, then left onto the tarmac path and back up the hill. (We might have a few lights to mark the route across the grass.)

To make the session a bit more sociable, it is proposed to do this in teams of four, with one pair running while the other pair recovers. Pair 1 runs around their chosen first loop as fast as they can, then hand over to Pair 2 who do the same, while Pair 1 recovers with a gentle jog round in front of the house. Pair 1 then does their second loop while Pair 2 recovers with a gentle jog and so on.

Start on any loop, but then do them in an anticlockwise sequence – ABCD, BCDA, CDAB or DABC. For safety, keep on the left, because in several places there will be runners coming in the opposite direction.

This will continue until someone realises it has gone 7.15 or everyone is out of breath!



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