Thurs 20th Nov: Clover Leaf Tag

Peter and Helen have kindly allowed Andrew to design this week’s session. (If it doesn’t work he can always go back to designing buses!)

The course will comprise of four anticlockwise loops, to be run in an anticlockwise sequence (hence ‘clover leaf’). It is to be run in pairs, taking it in turns to run each loop, and then recovering on the grass in front of the house while waiting for their partner to return (hence ‘tag’).

All of the loops start at the railings in front of the house, and are as follows:-

1)    Down the tarmac path towards the farm, left between the stables and farm and up to the cobbles, left through the arena, and back up the slope to the front of the house.

2)    Down the cobbles into the arena, left onto the road up to the gates, left along the avenue, left through the car park, and back to the front of the house. (If the gates are closed, stay on the grass with the fence to the right.)

3)    Up into the car park, left around the back of the house, right down the paved ramp, sharp left and along the paved path between the house and rose garden, and left back to the front of the house.

4)    Down the tarmac ramp towards the trees, follow the ‘shadow line’ of the trees up to the memorial bench (we might have a few lights to mark this), sharp left onto the grit path back towards the farm, and then left and up the tarmac path back to the front of the house.

Runner one of each pair runs as fast as they can around their first loop. Then runner two runs around the same loop, while runner one recovers with a gentle jog around the grass in front of the house. Then the same for their second loop, and so on. Please run on the left, because in some places there will be runners going in the opposite direction.

Each pair of runners can start on any loop, provided that they then do the loops in sequence.

We carry on doing this until everyone is dizzy, or exhausted, or someone realises it has gone quarter-past-seven! Enjoy!

Reminder – The Christmas Lights in Cross Gates will be switched on this same evening. There might be some temporary road closures that affect your journey to and from training

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