Thurs 19th: Run Hard, Run Fast

Meet as usual on the cyclepath for 6.30pm start.

Warm up to Templenewsam and meet at the farm end of the cobbles between the stable block and the amphitheatre ( point1) From point 1 run hard up to the road, recover by turning left along the grass and carry on behind the house. At the far side of the house run hard. Recover to point 2 which is the litter bin just below parkrun start. Run hard up to the road, recover as before, hard down the far side of the house, recover to Mike’s tree ( point3) As before, run hard, recover, run hard, recover to point 4 the bench just lower down than parkrun finish. Hard, recover, hard, recover to point 1 and do it all again and again until time dictates we finish!! Back to cars and stretch.

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