Thirsk 10 Race Report

Many thanks to Phil Coop for the report:-


The Thirsk 10  mile race took place on Sunday 23rd March 2014 and was designated as Club Race Number #2 for the 2014 season.
Starting from Thirsk Race Course it was described as a fast flat 10 mile event with a good PB (Personal Best) opportunity for all competitors.  The event is also wheel chair  friendly.
On arrival at the track I was  surprised as to how settled the weather was and couldn’t decide on vest or skin  and vest.  I went for the latter.
STAC  had a good turnout with 10 gents and 7 ladies entries along with 6 ladies (acting as second claim) from Kippax Harriers.

Once assembled we were all ready for the off on a very pleasant  morning.  This was my first attempt at Thirsk 10 and I was really looking  forward to it.

I’m not a great  fan of loops but really enjoyed the ‘loop’ which formed part of this circuit.  For those of you who are not familiar with the course the event follows country lanes away from Thirsk in an anti clockwise direction.  At about mile 7 you  run down a lane for about 1 1/4 miles then you loop back. Once the loop is completed you then have a further 1 1/2 miles to complete the course running the last 1/2 mile or so parallel to the race course.

The loop was a great opportunity to see all (or most) of the  fellow STAC and Kippax runners.  There were many ‘well done’, and ‘go on’  plus various waves of encouragement as we all passed each other.  This was  great and a real boost. On completion of the event you could then walk back to the finish area and support  the remaining runners.  We also had some great support from family and  friends of the STAC runners.

The  marshals were superb and did a fantastic job. There was plenty of water available (2 x bottled water stops)  and bottled water was made available at the finish. The chip removal was quick and well organised as was the collection of your t-shirt.

The event had a strange moment when at around 12:30 the heavens opened and deposited a large amount of hail stones on all in  attendance.  These were not small, easily matching the size of Birds Eye Frozen Peas.  Fortunately Shaun Loftus and I were lucky enough to be stretching under cover when the storm commenced.  It must have been pretty bad if you were still out on the course of which approx 40% of the field still  were.

To conclude I enjoyed the event and think it was a great choice to be included as a STAC Club Run and I hope this is included next year.  For all of you who are wishing to step up from a 10K to a 10 mile event I would thoroughly endorse this event. If there was one thing to learn this year, it is to park at Tesco or Lidl nearby and not the racecourse as the gates were opened at 12:45pm and took about 15 minutes to get out.
Listed below are the  times of all who attended. Very well done to all. PB’s are as indicated, and plenty there were! (apologies if  you PB’d and it is not indicated)
Position                 Number           Name             Chip Time
37                        762              Lee Sutcliffe            00:59:26  (PB…BOOM)
91                        534              Ross Phelan              01:03:06
134                       934              Kevin Booth              01:05:57  (PB…BOOM)
179                       210              Paul  Ebrey               01:08:04 (PB)
184                       727              Ian Sheppard             01:08:33  (PB)
192                       242              Chris  Gill               01:08:49
340                         68             Mage  Booth               01:16:34  (PB…BOOM – First  Lady home, well done Mags)
379                       141              Phil  Coop                01:18:44  (PB…BOOM)
488                       422              Shaun Loftus             01:24:42  (PB…BOOM)
509                       118              Wendy Chapman    01:24:45  (KIPPAX)
516                       532              Kate Penrose             01:25:10  (KIPPAX)
563                       530              Val  Pell                          01:27:30  (KIPPAX)
589                       765              Rebecca Sykes            01:29:00  (PB (I think)…BOOM)
598                       513              Kelly Palmer             01:29:44  (KIPPAX)
640                       734              Michelle Smale           01:32:15  (Great to see you back and running so well  Michelle….BOOM)
644                       699              Samira Lambert           01:32:31  (KIPPAX)
647                         53             Lisa Belford-McDowell    01:32:36
658                       682              Ann  Martin               01:33:13  (KIPPAX)
676                       141              Nicki  Coop               01:34:18
693                       664              Andrew Gardner           01:36:17
698                       317              Joanne Holland           01:35:46 (PB…BOOM)
720                       729              Karen Sherras            01:37:16 (PB…BOOM)
792                       701              Geoff Hardman            01:55:56
Post race quotes:
Lee Sutcliffe ‘ 59.26 PB by over 3  minutes’
Karen Sherras  ‘Thirsk 10 done. My second 10 mile race and I smashed it. A new PB at 1.37 and  that was 3 minutes quicker than I thought I would do it.’
Phil Coop ‘ Thirsk 10 miler. Massive PB, I’m all  giddy and excited.
Nicki Coop ‘  Thirsk 10 – I loved it!’
Mags  Booth ‘Happy Bunny raced for first time since back op at Thirsk 10 mile and got  a PB. Back achy towards end but ok 🙂 x .’
Chris Gill ‘
Michelle Smale ‘ Well done everyone on your runs this weekend –  excellent work. I am glad to report that the headwind was kept in Liverpool –  not so the hailstones!’
Keep on running  STACies

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