The Yorkshire Wineathon

The Wineathon is approx 9 miles of mainly trail with water stations (replaced by wine instead!) every 2 miles.

At every station there was red or white wine in a plastic cup, crisps in bowls and cups of water too.  Each station was given a regional theme, with wine from Spain, Australia, Italy and France.

It was a cloudy cool afternoon, a delayed start due to queue for the toilets (not enough toilets).  Around a 1000 runners/walkers turned up, some in fancy dress; Blue nuns, bunches of grapes, elvis, where’s Wally? etc….. With a good show of STAC vests too.


We started, a steady walk to begin with over the start line. Some of us started weaving in and out of people walking. Not long before we came to a standstill due to climbing over a style, some of us decided to climb over a wall instead. Every so often we had to queue to climb over gates, styles and go through gates, very narrow in places too, steps and steep hills to go up and down. Llamas watching us as we go, sheep in fields baaing at us, careful where you put your feet you never know what you might step on… Hope nobody trod in the cow dung!

Wineathon 3

At every station everyone took selfies and all had a chat too. During the run 4 ladies from Newcastle started chatting to me and I became part of their team; we chatted laughed and had a great time. At the final station Violet Gill and Karen Bland were there too, so pleased to see them.  Not far to go now… Last lot of fields to go through and we could see the finish from there, back on the road to Thurston Cricket Club, round the corner to the finish and we all held hands laughing and cheering over the finish line. We all had such great fun. We got our cotton finishers t-shirts.

Wineathon 2

I’m not one to like trail running but I absolutely loved every part of it. Next year I will be doing it and I would highly recommend everyone to do it and we should dress up too.

Well done to everyone that came straight from Vale of York half.

Karen Head

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