The harp

Beginners:- Last of the 12 week course. Anyone not achieving the 30 minute non stop run will be encouraged to keep attending. The next 3 weeks, after this Thursday, is free and will allow ‘progressives’ to experience a little more variety. After 17th July any who have attended the course can have the benefit of further support by joining as full memnbers of STAC by paying a further £10 to club membership secretary, Michelle Smale. ( See ‘Get in touch ‘ section )
This interval session is a pyramid of increasing / decreasing distances, all on the flat of the top field. Starting at the car park end of the field a 90% effort is made from the Beech Walk over to the wood with 30 % recovery back to the Beech Walk. Trees are numbered in white chalk. Elite repeat Tree 1 x 3, LESSER MORTALS REPEAT TREE1 x 2, Even lesser mortals and ‘transitionals’ repeat x 1. Then move to tree 2 etc. Half way through the session progress down the pyramid. ( no.1 distance is short and about 50 meters, the furthest numbered tree is about 250 meters )
NB The quality of this session can only be gained if there is a full recovery between efforts. ‘Recovery’ means breathing slowly before attempting the next effort.

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