STAC Winter Handicap Results

What a fantastic event it was today, hope you all enjoyed the windy jaunt round Crossgates and Scholes. But now over to the important bit the results

Handicap 1st: Joanna Robinson -34:52 beat handicap by 6mins 54secs
Handicap 2nd (Non Competitive): Sarah Morley -31.59 beat handicap by 6mins 22secs
Handicap 2nd: Joe Butler – 29:33 beat handicap by 5mins 58secs
Handicap 3rd: Andy Kindleysides – 32:08 beat handicap by 4mins 48secs

Quickest Male: Richard Herrington – 22:21
2nd Quickest Male: Steven Head – 25:11
3rd Quickest Male: Nathan Vaughan – 25:16

Quickest Female: Becky Sykes – 31:39
2nd Quickest Female (Non Competitive): Sarah Morley – 31:59
2nd Quickest Female: Lindsey Hill – 32:22
3rd Quickest Female: Wanda MacDonald – 32:53

1st Male Pair: Joe Butler / Malcolm Lavery beat handicap by 9mins 14secs
2nd Male Pair: Andy Kindleysides / Richard Jones beat handicap by 7mins 32secs
3rd Male Pair: David Mellor / John Moore beat handicap by 6mins 14secs

1st Female Pair: Stacey Goodyear / Becky Sykes beat handicap by 10mins 15secs
2nd Female Pair: Joanna Robinson / Emma March beat handicap by 10mins 6secs
3rd Female Pair: Becca Hattrell / Tracey Parsons beat handicap by 7mins 27secs

Well done to all the winners, helpers and everyone who took part in making today the success it was.

Finish Positions
STAC Winter Handicaps -Finish Position

Quickest Time
STAC Winter Handicaps -By Quickest Time

STAC Winter Handicaps -Pairs
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Stu Gall

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