STAC Winter Handicap – Pairs Competition

As promised please find details of the STAC Handicap Pairs competition. Please note the pairs have slightly changed due to 8 runners having to pull out (Kev Spivey, Pauline Hardman, Adele Wilson, Alan Schofield, Mark Hodgson, Walter Armitage, Ross Lovett and John Robson)

STAC Winter Handicaps -Master Sheet v2

I have added this gem to hopefully keep the interest of people (and it always happen to me), who get passed on route by at least three people and therefore can’t “win” the handicap.

So how does it work?

Each male and female runner have been given a partner see the attached spreadsheet (there is one three but i’ll adjust results accordingly)

The time you beat or fail to make your handicap by is added to the time that your partner beats theirs by to give a total.

There will be a prizes for the top two male teams and top two female teams.

But surely this means that the people who win the normal handicap race stand the biggest chance of winning the pairs competition?

Here comes the clever bit – each pair can nominate one team member to receive a “joker”. This joker will double how much they beat or fail to make handicap e.g. beating it by 2 mins with a joker would see it change to 4 minutes, however if you fail to make your handicap this negative figure will also be doubled

Any one who finishes in the top three positions of the normal handicap race cannot play a team joker, it will not pass to the other team member.

If you think that your handicaps are harsh you do not have to play a joker.

So how do I play my joker?

Decide between your pair if you want to play your joker and then contact me by any of the following methods stating your pair number and who wants to play it.

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At registration on Race Day.

Please note Jokers must be logged with me before the first runner sets off.

Please contact me if you have any queries.

See you on race day

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