STAC Winter Handicap – Final Details and Handicaps

There have been a number of late injury related pull out please find the revised list below.

The time you have all been waiting for has arrived, the Handicaps for the STAC Winter Handicap have now been finalised, but first a few final details.

Race Date: Sunday 11th of January
Race Start Time: First Runner 1030am last runner 1055am
Race Venue: Barnbow Social Club, Manston Lane
Race Distance: 3.8 Miles / 6.1 Km
Changing Facilities / Showers: Barnbow Sports Pavilion (please bring swimwear as showers are shared)
Parking: Barnbow Sports Field
Kit: Club Vests or T Shirts please
Required Kit: Safety Pins for your number would help, otherwise standard running kit.

Start Procedure: Please arrive in good time for your start (ideally before 1015am) and go to the Green STAC Start / Finish tent to pick up your race number, these race numbers are in the order you will start. You will be started at exactly the start time listed on the sheet, this time will be based on two synchronized race watches at the start, please do not assume this matches your own watch. If you are late or miss your start time you can still run but your finish time will be based on your planned start time not your actual start time.

Finish Procedure: The finish funnel will be beside the Green Tent on the Barnbow Sports field. The helpers on the finish will be logging your finish time (real time from race watches) against your race number and finish position. Please help us out be ensuring your race number is on the front of your running vest and you don’t hide it under additional layers of clothing. If you do lose your number on route we will take your name at the finish and match the time accordingly.

Prizes: The first three runners home will receive a Trophy. If the first three home does not contain a male or female an additional prize will be given to first male or first lady. Additionally there will be a new “Pairs” competition (male and female) – details of which will be put in another post / email.

Handicap Times: These have been based on the runners quickest 5KM and 10KM times achieved in 2014, as this is largely a road race the performances at PECOS haven’t been considered (apologies to all you mud lovers out there). Apologies I haven’t been able to make any allowances for “injured” runners.

Safety Info: Please be aware that you will be running on and crossing public roads during this race. Please do be careful when crossing roads, run on the pavement where possible and where there is no pavement please run facing oncoming traffic (on Manston Lane to finish). A marshal will be based at the gates of the Barnbow Social club just after the start to warn you of any traffic but please do look first. As race organiser my mobile phone number will be available at the start, for those that do run with mobiles please do take a note of it in case of emergencies. If you do see a stricken or injured runner please do stop to help.

Race Signage: Key turns on the course will have arrows on them however please do familiairse yourself with the route that has been sent out on the previous post / emails.

Results: Results will be posted to the STAC website as soon as possible after the race and prizes will be given out in the Barnbow Pub at 1230pm. Three seperate lists will be posted on the website. Ordered by quickest time, ordered against handicap time and finally a list of the quickest male and female pairs.

STAC Winter Handicaps -Master Sheet – Handicaps

STAC-Winter-Handicap-Route (1)

Hope you all enjoy the day. Please contact me if you have any queries.

Stu Gall

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