STAC Winter Handicap – 31st Dec

STAC Winter Handicap


  • Winner: Alan Schofield
  • 2nd: Helen Fenton
  • 3rd: Lisa Belford-McDowell

STAC – Winter Handicap – Dec 2017 – RESULTS

First Name Surname Start Posiition Est Time Finish Time Race Time Against HCP Finish Position Other
Alan Schofield 9 00:31:57 10:44:35 00:30:49 -00:01:08 1 Ist Overall and 1st Man
Helen Fenton 4 00:37:45 10:45:14 00:37:16 -00:00:29 2 2nd Overall and 1st Lady
Lisa Belford-McDowell 1 00:40:52 10:45:42 00:40:51 -00:00:01 3 3rd Overall and 2nd Lady
John Robson 12 00:27:45 10:46:10 00:28:12 00:00:27 4 2nd Man
Richard Herrington 13 00:27:11 10:46:56 00:28:24 00:01:13 5 3rd Man
Glen Johnson 11 00:28:01 10:47:07 00:29:25 00:01:24 6
Emma  Longfellow 7 00:35:13 10:47:31 00:37:01 00:01:48 7 3rd Lady
Ian Sheppard 10 00:28:10 10:47:55 00:30:22 00:02:12 8
Andy Cullen 8 00:32:21 10:48:30 00:35:08 00:02:47 9
Mick Higgins 3 00:40:08 10:49:10 00:43:35 00:03:27 10
Anna Sharrott 5 00:36:21 10:49:33 00:40:11 00:03:50 11
Adele Wilson 2 00:40:13 10:50:03 00:44:33 00:04:20 12
Michelle Smale 6 00:35:47 10:50:34 00:40:38 00:04:51 13


  • Race Date: Sunday 31st December
  • Race Start Time: First Runner 10am Last Runner 1030 (ish)
  • Race Venue: Scholes Scout Hut, Rakehill Road, Scholes, LS15 4AJ
  • Changing Facilites / Bag Storage: Scholes Scout Hut
  • Parking: LEFT hand side of Rakehill Road please (do not park on both sides)
  • Kit: Dress appropriately for the weather conditions
  • Required Kit: Safety Pins for your number would help, otherwise standard running kit. If wet / cold please wear appropriate clothing.
  • Refreshments: Soup (red lentil and vegetable v) and a roll / breadcake at the finish. Water available


A 4.3 Mile loop starting and finishing on Rakehill Road, Scholes. Terrain will be a mixture of pavements and trails.

Written Directions

  • Run west along Rakehill Road until junction with Station Road
  • Turn Left and cross road to right hand side where safe to do so
  • At St Phillips Church cut across church car park and pick up footpath to Leeds Road
  • Turn left on Leeds Road and follow up to the Centerary Tree junction
  • Turn Left and just before the garage cross the Road (TAKE CARE) and take the LCW (Leeds Country Way) track
  • Follow this track / footpath to Barwick in Elmet
  • At crossroads in Barwick turn Left onto Elwood Lane (do not go as far as the main street)
  • At Church by Gascoigne pub turn Left onto the Boyle (careful with traffic)
  • At bottom of the Boyle follow the road round to the left onto Rakehill Road
  • Follow Rakehill Road back to the start finish point in Scholes

Start Procedure:  Please arrive in good time for your start (ideally before 945am) and go to pick up your race number and make a note of your start time. You will be started at exactly the start time listed on the sheet. If you are late or miss your start time you can still run but your finish time will be based on your planned start time not your actual start time. Make your way to the start on Rakehill Road by the STAC flag.

Finish Procedure:  The helpers on the finish will be logging your finish time (real time from race watches) against your race number and finish position. Please help us out be ensuring your race number is on the front of your running vest and you don’t hide it under additional layers of clothing. If you do lose your number on route we will take your name at the finish and match the time accordingly.

Prizes:  The race is just for fun but a trophy will be available for the Handicap winner, Runner Up and 3rd Place

Handicap Times: These have largely been based on the runners quickest 5K times in 2017 and Power of Ten stats. Apologies I haven’t been able to make any allowances for “injured during 2017” runners. The aim of the handicap is that all runners finish at the same time – thus the “slowest” runner will start first and the quicker runners will then chase them down.

Safety Info: Please be aware that you will be running on and crossing public roads during this event. Please do be careful when crossing roads, run on the pavement where possible and where there is no pavement please run facing oncoming traffic (on the Boyle and Rakehill Road).  We have two Road crossing in Scholes so please do take the extra few seconds to check for traffic.

As handicap organiser my mobile phone number will be available at the start, for those that do run with mobiles please do take a note of it in case of emergencies. If you do see a stricken or injured runner please do stop to help.

Results: Results will be posted to the STAC website as soon as possible after the race.

Previous Winners

  • 1995: J Burton
  • 1996: Peter Boyle
  • 1997: Chris Gill
  • 1998: D Sutcliffe
  • 1999: A Archer
  • 2000: Alan Schofield
  • 2001: Chris Gill
  • 2002: G Robinson
  • 2003: O Drury
  • 2004: Peter Boyle
  • 2005: A Hunter
  • 2006: Pauline Hardman
  • 2007: C Gray
  • 2008: Craig Keedy
  • 2009: Paul McGreevy
  • 2010: Peter Boyle
  • 2011: Paul Ebrey
  • 2012: L Wood
  • 2013: Mike Sellars
  • 2014: R Hughes
  • 2015: Joanna Robinson
  • 2016: Dave Morley
  • 2017: Loiuse Olbison
  • 2017 (Dec): Alan Schofield

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