STAC Track Attack

Wednesday 1st March 2017. 7pm John Charles Stadium, Leeds

All welcome to the STAC monthly track session. Usually last Wednesday of every month at John Charles Stadium, Leeds. Session lasts about 1 hour and vary from month to month.

These enjoyable sessions are suitable for all members as they are run at your own pace. You’ll get good support and encouragement from fellow members and the session leaders as you push yourself on the track.

We also now have qualified coaches in the club, sessions will be planned so you can learn techniques to help you in your own training including warm up, cool down, pacing and technique.

We meet at the stadium reception or on the track in good time to start promptly at 7pm. Bring warm clothes to wear when warming up and cool down. We run on the 400m outside track, which is floodlit when required. Your normal running shoes are fine. Water bottle to drink is also essential.

Usual stadium admission fee applies £3.

We will be doing the following session this month. Possibly slightly amended and with a good warm up and cool down. It is at your mile pace so try and have your recent fast mile time ready and we will advise how quick your efforts should be.


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