Stac Track Attack, 1st March 2017

Wednesday 1st March 2017. 7pm John Charles Stadium, Leeds

Summary of this week’s session by coach Helen

The art of pacing to feel:

This week’s session is all about pacing and maintaining your target pace, something I think will be of great benefit to a lot of you with the race session starting to kick in! We will be working to your mile pace so it’s going to be quite a quick, hard effort session – not a sprint but it’s meant to feel hard!

If you are racing at the weekend or coming back from injury but still want to come down and work on pacing by feel and maintaining a set pace then we can adapt the session down so you’re not missing out. But as David mentioned we don’t recommend doing both this session and the Hill session tomorrow – pick one or the other.

You will need to come prepared with a few things to get the most out of Wednesday’s session:

1, A recent mile effort time/ or parkrun PB and use the conversion chart I have created – (the picture – Sorry it’s quite ugly!) to work out your mile target pace (these are quite pacey so we can re-asses these individually before the session you are worried! Just come and speak to me before the warm up)

2, A Stopwatch/GPS watch/Running watch – To time your laps – However be warned overuse of your watches during a lap will result in a penalty!

3, Warm clothes to put on for the warm up and cool down

4, Water – the temperatures have been surprisingly warmer recently and staying hydrated is important for safety and performance.

The session starts at 7pm but get down a little earlier if you can.
The charge to use the track is £3, unless you are a Bodyline member.

The session will start with the usual structure of a warm up, dynamic warm up and drills – this week will be focusing on arms, strides and high knees to prepare you for a quicker session.

Main session will be:

Set 1: 5 x 200m at mile pace with short jogging recovery

Recovery: 5 minutes

Set 2: 4 x 300m at mile pace with short jogging recovery

Recovery: 5 minutes

Set 3: 3 x 400m at mile pace with short jogging recovery

Total effort distance: 3.4km

I have worked out all the target times for each distance so check out the picture attached or come and speak to me before the session.

Mile pace target times

Mile pace target times

After the main session we will cool down and go through a series of static stretches.

This is a coached session so I will be observing you throughout the session and feeding back – If anyone wants to opt out of this let me know or similarly if there is something concerning you or you want to work on specifically come and speak to me before the session.

Richard and I will be available to answer any training sessions (hopefully!) you may have.

Helen Watkins

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