Hi All,

STAC have undoubtedly had a cracking PECO season.

2nd in Mens Premier Division
5th in Ladies First Division
Mens Vets Premier Division Champions
4th in Ladies Vets Premier Division
2nd in Mens B Team League
9th in Ladies B Team League

I have been collating the results throughout the series and due to a number of requests for the information it has now been posted for you all to digest at will. The spreadsheet amongst other things shows League Tables, Race Breakdowns and Individual Stats. The beauty of PECO is that it is not just focussed around the elite A Team runners, all members of Team STAC have scored points or taken points away from other teams in the A, B or Vets leagues. We couldn’t have reached the lofty positions we managed without each and every one of you.

I am proud to have been part of the STAC PECO family.


Final Results – STAC PECO 2014 2015

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