STAC Parkrun League 2018

Parkrun League Weekly Update – 6th October – After Wildcard Weekend

The STAC Parkrun League has drawn to a close for another year with the Wildcard weekend (a chance for runners to run any event again in an attempt to better their time).

19 STACies ran on wildcard weekend with 12 of them bettering a previous time.

  • Pontefract – 5
  • Crossflatts – 5
  • Middelton Woods – 4
  • Roundhay – 3
  • Oakwell Hall – 2

After the dust settled (and the results were churned) the following prizewinners emerged for each league. Any runners with a star in front of them took first place as a direct result of their wildcard run.

  • Devon League 1st – *Martin Horbury – 390 points
  • Devon League 2nd – Dan Ayres – 380 points
  • Woodman League 1st – *Richard Howarth- 390 points
  • Woodman League 2nd- Daniel Gaunt – 360 points
  • Wykebeck League 1st – *Chris Berry – 385 points
  • Wykebeck League 1st – Shaun Loftus – 385 points
  • Wykebeck League 2nd – Emma Longfellow – 360 points
  • Wykebeck League 2nd – Joanne Loftus – 360 points
  • Brown Cow League 1st – Nigel Fuller – 400 points
  • Brown Cow League 2nd – Rosetta Todd – 380 points
  • Barnbow League 1st – Tracey Piper – 400 points
  • Barnbow League 2nd – Adele Wilson – 385 points
  • Leodis League 1st – Robert Dickinson – 400 points
  • Leodis League 2nd – Sam Tinsdale – 380 points

UPDATE – A correction has been flagged in the August Oakwell Hall results on the 18th of Aug. The upshot is we now have joint winners in the Wykebeck league – congratulations to Shaun Loftus AND Chris Berry for their joint first place and to Joanne Loftus and Emma Longfellow for finishing joint 2nd (prizes to all four)

Additional shout out to our three “perfect” score winners Nigel Fuller, Tracey Piper and Robert Dickinson – with your fastest runs this year you have will all move up a league in next years competition

There were no prizewinner in either the Gascoigne or Station leagues due to no runners having run at least 4 events.

Full Updated league tables below – please do flag up any errors


STAC Parkrun League is back for 2018. This years competition will run between May and September with the first month being held at the brand new venue of Middleton Woods. Rules are attached below and will be sent out to all members on our email list – please contact Stuart Gall directly if you have any queries.

  • May – Middleton
  • June – Pontefract
  • July – Crossflats
  • August– Oakwell Hall
  • September – Roundhay

All paid up STAC Members – 1st and 2nd Claim can run in the 2018 STAC Parkrun league. Social members are also welcome to run.

STAC Juniors (i.e. under 16’s) can run in the league provided that their parent / guardian is a paid up STAC member.

Members will be split into Leagues based on their best parkrun time in 2017 at any parkrun venue (or an estimated time if no parkruns were run).

  1. The Gascoigne League (under 19 mins)
  2. The Devon League (19-20:59 mins)
  3. The Woodman League (21-22:59 mins)
  4. The Wykebeck Arms League (23-24:59 mins)
  5. The Brown Cow League (25-26:59 mins)
  6. The Barnbow League (27-28:59 mins)
  7. The Station League (29-30:59 mins)
  8. The Leodis League (31plus mins)


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