STAC Hill Challenge 2020

The STAC Temple Newsam hill challenge is back for 2020 and with more hills than ever! There are two challenges for the year:

  • King & Queen of the Hill Challenge – Do all 17 hills in one single run – who does it in the quickest time will be our STAC hill champions.
  • Collect all Challenge – Run all 17 hills individually at any point in the year (starting from January)

The position as of 4th June 2020

King & Queen of the Hill Challenge:

  • John Robson was the first to complete this with a time of 1:26:49 for a 11.24 mile route and remains the only person to complete this challenge

Collect all Challenge:

  • John Robson was also the first to do all 17
  • Tony Newborn, Phil Mitchell, Mick Grayson and Nigel Fuller have also completed this challenge
  • Leaderboard below of all those who have climbed 6 or more of the hills, who will be the first lady to complete all 17?
NameHills Climbed 
Tony Newborn17
Phil Mitchell17
nigel fuller17
Michael Grayson17
John Robson17
Ian Maudsley11
Lee Whiteley10
Daniel Johnson10
Tracey Parsons8
Jamie Best8
James Wynne8
Daniel Gaunt8
Wendy Higgins7
Shane Grace7
Sarah Denman7
Marie Barker7
Dave Mellor7
Wanda Macdonald6
Shaun Loftus6
Paula Marie Ayres6
Jo Loftus6
Jason Albrecht6
Greg Weatherhead6
Glen Johnson6
Dan Ayres6

Full leaderboard (Hills leaderboard tab)

Who will be the first to run all 17?


The STAC Temple Newsam Hills have been logged as STRAVA segments.

Map not showing? click here

The aim is for you to either complete all 17, in any order, in the quickest time possible or/and to collect all 17 individually over the course of 2020.

All segments start with the letters ‘SH’ and have a definite start and end point (see guides in the downloads section below for details) and using these should mean that your segments are logged.

For those who took part in 2017 or 2019, all hills from both these years are included with the exception of the hill which ran from midway up parkrun first hill to the Copses along the grass (as this hill was out of action too much due to events in the park). Additionally whilst SH9 is back, it is slightly different from before

Further details of the hills; including the start/finish and the segment links, are in the download section below.

For your runs to be counted, you need to be in the St. Theresa’s Strava group. Additionally you either need to either be a Strava follower with me (Nigel) or have your Strava privacy settings set to ‘Everyone’ being able to see your activities. We will be updating the leaderboards periodically throughout the year.

The challenge will run until the end of December 2020.

Please be aware that farmers’ fields are “out of bounds” unless there is a footpath or bridleway across them.


Few tips following feedback from those who have run the hills this year:

  • Check to see if there are any events on in Temple Newsam before attempting as some hills may be inaccessible.
  • SH12 – Track to (Little) Temple – there’s 2 paths up to it within 20 metres of each other so check you do the right one (it’s the path nearest to where they took down the trees).
  • SH17 – TN old walk – possible to go wrong halfway up as you cross a path, keep left!

Run a segment and it not showing on Strava?

Short answer – you can see it if you ‘star’ that segment. Other strava users who have that segment ‘starred’ will also see it on your run, whether or not you have it ‘starred’

Long answer – Anyone can create a segment on Strava. So in popular places you may get several similar/duplicate segments which could be a bit annoying for runners having to scroll down loads of segments in the same place.

So Strava have an algorithm which will not show the less popular segments in areas where this has happened. Basically if there are too many segments in an area, and there are 2 in a similar place, they will show the one which has been favourited the most times.

In Temple Newsam this tends to happen around where parkrun is, with a few of the STAC hill segments not showing by default.

You can ‘star’ the segment either before or after doing it, and when done this it will always show in your runs, and runs you view, irrespective of the Strava algorithm.

There are several ways to ‘star’ a segment. The quickest way is from the ‘full segment list’ downloads below. These have the link to each segment so go to them, and then ‘star’ on the bottom right of the map in Strava.

Not on Strava and want to take part?

There’s a couple of options:

  • If you do the challenge with a runner on Strava, then they can ‘add’ you. All you would need to do is register on Strava.
  • If you use another running app, there some websites/apps that allow you do either duplicate or copy across your run to Strava, including:
    • Tapiriik – Free service that synchronises your activities between running apps
    • Rungap (IOS only) – costs £2 for 3 months usage to copy across runs between apps

Downloads Section

Full segment list

Start and end points

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