STAC Chris Gill Summer Handicap 2018

Race Results – STAC Chris Gill Summer Handicap 2018

Last night saw yet another successful running of the STAC Chris Gill Summer Handicap. This year we saw our first ever double winner with Michelle Smale taking back the crown she won back in 2016.

In second place (but incidentally crossing the line first) was super speedy Glen Johnson and rounding out the top three was the always effervescent Julie Heselgrave who like me had a mad dash across Leeds through the horrible rush hour traffic.

Quickest time of the night went to the last runner to set off – Ian Maudsley in 48.56 just pipping Glen who clocked a 49.02

Incidentally all of our first three also completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks walk at the weekend so it shows this is what you need to do if you want to podium!!  Awesome running from all 19 runners

Big shout out also to all the helpers (18 of you contributed on the night in various roles) and I really do appreciate all your efforts. Names listed below.  Photos from Dave Parker are available in the following facebook album

Stats Wise -9 of you managed to beat your handicap and 10 of you were slightly over.  Taking into account everyone’s plus and minus times I was an average of 51 seconds out per runner over a 7 mile course.

First Name Surname Running Est Time Race Time Against HCP Finish Position Other
Michelle Smale Y 01:11:37 01:05:38 -00:05:59 1 Ist Overall / 1st Lady
Glen Johnson Y 00:54:01 00:49:02 -00:04:59 2 2nd Overall / 1st Male
Julie Heselgrave Y 01:09:32 01:06:37 -00:02:55 3 3rd Overall / 2nd Lady
Karen Sherras Y 01:21:11 01:18:52 -00:02:19 4 3rd Lady
Ian Maudsley Y 00:51:08 00:48:56 -00:02:12 5 2nd Male / Quickest Time
Katherine Judge Y 01:15:01 01:13:01 -00:02:00 6
Jamie Best Y 01:09:35 01:08:16 -00:01:19 7 3rd Male
Paul McGreevy Y 00:55:38 00:54:27 -00:01:11 8
David Mellor Y 00:59:39 00:59:25 -00:00:14 9
Adele Wilson Y 01:11:51 01:12:42 00:00:51 10
Nathan Vaughan Y 00:52:48 00:53:42 00:00:54 11
Ruth Muir Y 00:58:06 00:59:35 00:01:29 12
Emma Longfellow Y 01:03:25 01:05:52 00:02:27 13
Nigel Fuller Y 01:04:07 01:08:06 00:03:59 14
Chris Maltby Y 01:18:58 01:23:40 00:04:42 15
Daniel Gaunt Y 01:01:20 01:06:17 00:04:57 16
Wayne Butler Y 00:58:06 01:04:00 00:05:54 17
Chris Berry Y 01:04:33 01:11:23 00:06:50 18
Graham Bowden Y 01:16:47 01:24:02 00:07:15 19

STAC Chris Gill Summer Handicap – June 2018



Tracey Piper Start / Finish
Tracey Parsons Lead Bike
Sharon Butterfield Start / Finish
Dave Parker Photographs
Emma Doherty Marshall – First Left Turn
Paul Doherty Marshall – First Left Turn
Clare Wilson Start / Finish
Karen Bowden Start / Finish
Victoria Rafferty Start / Finish
Leanne Maclellan Marshall – Ash Lane
Andy Cullen Start / Finish
Joanne Loftus Marshall – Ash Lane
Shaun Loftus Marshall – Ash Lane
Simon Sherras Water Stop – Golf Course
Nicki Coop Water Stop – Golf Course
Andy Cullen Start / Finish
Chris Gill Course Set Up
Stuart Gall Handicap Organiser



Race Information

The Chris Gill Summer Handicap takes place on Tuesday 5th June with the first starter setting off at 630pm. Please note this will replace usual Tuesday 7pm training on that day.


Please park (carefully) on Manston lane  – please do not park in the immediate vicinity to the field entry point.

Registration and Start Point

The start and finish point will be as last years course – this will be in the field opposite the Barnbow Social Club (where the PECO races start) – see map below.


You will all be given a handicap start time which is based on how long (mathematically) I think it will take you to complete the course. The slowest runner starts first and then the rest of the runners set off at time gaps thereafter with the quickest runner having to chase everyone down. The maths should mean that everyone finishes around the same time so the first one to cross the line wins.  Can you beat your handicap!!   Handicap lists will be at the Registration and i’ll also post them in the downloads section below.  Based on last year we should see finishers arrive back just before 8.

Race Route

The race is a 12.3 km / 7.6 mile loop which heads out into Garforth before looping back along Parlington Lines via the Golf course to the finish in the field opposite the Barnbow Social Club.

The course is a mixture of trail and road and is largely flat. Please note that due to the Thorpe Park development works there Manston Lane is now a temporary road past the boarding kennels – Chris assures me it is still runnable.

Please note as last year a 1km loop has been added to the start of the race (see above map) and instructions below.

  • From the start point head north along the field path towards Scholes (if you get to Scholes you have gone way too far!!)
  • Ignore the road on the left and carry on past the lorry yard until you see a grassy path on the left (i’ll try and put a marshal on this turn point to make it obvious)
  • Take this path all the way to the end to join the road – please note i’m happy for you to choose whatever line you like to join the road i.e. you can curve slightly to the left to cut a bit of the corner off.
  • Turn left and head down Sandleas Way to join Manston Road
  • Turn left onto Manston Road and then run past the Barnbow Club to join the “normal” route.

Please Note – The Chris Gill Handicap Route will NOT be signed you must know the way.

On the Day

  • Turn up before 630pm and collect your number from the registration point
  • Go to the start for your start time
  • Run
  • Pass as many people as possible
  • Try not to get lost
  • Enjoy yourself!!

If you could wear STAC Vest’s T-shirts that would be great 🙂

Safety Stuff

The course is on a mixture of different surfaces – tarmac, grass, gravel and woodland paths. Please wear appropriate footwear (trainers are fine if it remain dry but if there is significant rain trail shoes may be better). Be aware of trip hazards and low branches as there are numerous of these in the wood section. There are also a number of small gates / stiles to negotiate. Due to building works at Thorpe Park there may be construction traffic on our around Manston lane – please be careful

Please note all roads will be LIVE – please especially take care on the busy  Garforth to Barwick road at the Railway Bridge in Garforth and again at the Golf Course crossing.  A few seconds gained is not worth the alternative.  The entrance into Tesco’s is also a known hazard point.

We may be providing a water stop but do carry fluid if you think you will need it.

If you see an injured runner please do stop and help – my mobile number will be at registration for any emergencies – please do put this in your phones if you are carrying them.

Stuart Gall

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