STAC Championship 2019 – Race 11 (The Tad 10)

For the penultimate club race of the year we went to Tadcaster for a deceptively undulating 10 mile trek.

Eighteen STAC’s took part and as per usual this year there were some incredible performances.

Shane Grace was 11th overall and 4th in his age category, whilst Chris Gill and Sarah Morley were 2nd and 3rd respectively in their age categories.

The club championship table has been updated and the best 8 out of the 11 races so far count towards it. As a result we have new leaders in both the ladies and the men’s as the previous leaders have only done 7 races.

In the men’s, Ian Sheppard is the new leader with Glen Johnson up to second. However as Richard Herrington got maximum point in the 7 races he’s done this year, he can probably just do the final race on one leg to reclaim top spot.

The ladies championship is much closer to call. Sarah Morley is now the leader, with Sam Jackson up to second. However it will likely be very close between Sarah and Tillie in the final race.

Full table below:

RankMens RankLadies RankNameBest 8Runs
11Ian Sheppard30488
22Glen Johnson30008
33Richard Herrington28007
44David Morley27579
51Sarah Morley27568
65Christopher Gill27449
72Samantha Jackson26648
86Jamie Best25478
93Tillie Clark24147
107Andrew Gardner228111
118Nigel Fuller22697
124Joanne Loftus22597
135Lisa Belford-Dowell22037
149Shaun Loftus19166
1510Tony Newborn17045
1611Richard Cooper16515
176Annie Roddy16465
187Anna Sharrott15585
198Paula Watson15345
209Joanne O’Hara15185
2112Daniel Ayres14274
2210Sally Backhouse13685
2311Wanda MacDonald13164
2412Karen Atkinson12994
2513Julie James12684
2614Sarah Denman12164
2713Martin Horbury11223
2814Geoffrey Hardman10484
2915Paul Atkinson10093
3016David Mellor9953
3115Roslyn Birch9603
3216Lindsey Reynolds9473
3317Violet Gill8603
3418Pauline Hardman8413
3517Chris Maltby8313
3619Sam Rowley8133
3718Shane Grace8002
3819George Schofield7672
3920Daniel Gaunt7392
4021Alan Schofield7172
4122Micheal O’Connell7052
4223Michael Grayson6962
4324Tim Seddon6932
4425David Leaf6762
4526Richard Beckwith6632
4627Stuart Gall6592
4728Glenn Othick6312
4820Valerie Pell6142
4921Clare Wilson5952
5022Alison Hill5932
5123Tracey Parsons5672
5229Mick Higgins5642
5324Angie Sellers5632
5425Gillian Lambert5192
5526Lynn Fletcher5052
5627Sharon Butterfield4432
5730Paul Newsome3871
5831Ian Maudsley3821
5928Sarah Kemshall3771
6032Graham Shooter3691
6133Paul Ebrey3631
6229Sue Crabtree3591
6334Adrian Bucculli3561
6435Robin Moran3521
6536Paul McGreevy3501
6637Lee Whiteley3471
6738Kevin Booth3461
6830Tao (judy) Liu3421
6939Jason Albrecht3351
7040Paul Doherty3291
7131Michelle Smale3241
7232Margaret Booth3221
7341Chris Berry3201
7442Nick Willeans3091
7533Alison O’Connell3001
7634Joanne Powell2991
7735Tracey Piper2981
7836Suzie Nalius2981
7943Neil Hodgson2971
8037Dawn Walker2931
8138Katherine Penrose2921
8244Steven Precious2921
8339Emma Doherty2911
8440Stacey Goodyear2911
8541Claire Perry2891
8642Louise Sheppard2881
8743Becca Hattrell2881
8844Nicki Coop2751
8945Glynis Cobbold2691
9046Carolyn Keenan2661
9145Graham Bowden2661
9247Joanna Hind2641
9348Claire Bucculli2621
9449Lisa Parker2621
9550Amy Corby2591
9651Sara Bowers2591
9752Lorna Mcquattie2571
9846Neil Tessyman2521
9953Karen Sherras2501
10054Katy Page2261
10155Lynne Fallon2021
10247Simon Sherras2011

Full details –

The final race of 2019 will be the winter handicap, date announced v shortly!

2020 races have also now been announced –

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