Spen 20 Results

Please find the results for the Spen 20 Mile Road Race held on the 15th of March 2015. I have managed to find 9 STAC runners (first and second claim) in the official results, please feel free to send me a Facebook message or email if a correction or addition is required. (Stu Gall)

First Three Men: Michael Keedy, John Robson and Glen Johnson
First Three Ladies: Jess McMullan, Lynne Fallon and Tracey Piper

5 Michael Keedy 02:01:16
25 John Robson 02:09:38
32 Glen Johnson 02:13:14
34 Terry Midgley 02:13:45
57 James Gray 02:21:44
168 Phil Coop 02:59:03
170 Jess McMullan 02:59:55
222 Lynne Fallon 03:26:46
227 Tracey Piper 03:35:23

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