Snake Lane 10 Race Report

I woke up early Sunday morning contemplating whether four pints of the black stuff followed by pie and peas (consumed at Jude and Mark’s fundraising night) was the ideal preparation for a 10 mile road race. Anyhow, none the worse for wear, I was up and ready. Nipple plasters applied, knee and IT band strapped, the stench of deep heat following me as I waited patiently for the Phil Coop road trip to Snake Lane. The trip got off to a bad start as I quickly realised Phil was parked outside a neighbour’s house and was beckoning them into his car. Crisis averted we quickly picked up Donna and Ross and we were on our way. Topics of discussion en route included, an idea for a new aftershave for men based on deep heat with the tag line ‘instantly attract the female runner’ (my fault). The joys of youth and smell of cap guns (Phil’s fault) he “loves the smellof cap gun smoke in the morning”. The ITV show Car Crash Britain (my fault again). And the posh totty speaking on Phil’s in built Sat Nav (All). This was all in addition to a good old fashioned whinge from everyone about ‘how they were not feeling it today’ and were ‘taking it steady’. Oh and that Phil had a very satisfying bacon sandwich that morning. It goes without saying that we missed the turning for Pocklington. Anyway, after a short detour we arrived in plenty of time to realise it was absolutely freezing! What were we doing?

We proceeded to ‘warm up’ with a short jog to the rugby club to meet up with other STACies. A few pictures, more talk of running injuries, and several jokes about the size of Stacey Goodyear’s new watch (so big it has its own satellite) (you can get SKY on it) (did she steal it from Millennium Square?). Finally we were off to the start.

The course lived up to its name a beautiful flat zig-zagging run though the North Yorkshire countryside. However, the only animal seen en route was a rat the size of an overfed domestic cat. It was a shame Jude Jackson wasn’t running as it would have provided him with the perfect opportunity to perfect his signature move. Volunteer pacer Jess McMullan did a superb job in leaving all the people she was pacing. A man was spotted in a tree (I’m still not sure why). Oh and it was windy, god was it windy.

A total of 44 STAC runners (first and second claim) completed this race. Which meant STAC had more runners represented than any other club. Truly awesome to say this wasn’t even a club race. With more pbs than could be seen at a bricklayers convention (that’s a plumb bob joke) there are literally too many special performances to mention. So here’s just a few. First home for the men and 23rd overall, with a pb to boot, of 58.56 was Ray Love. Closely followed by Terry Midgley and John Robson. The first lady home was Sarah Morley or was it Stacey Goodyear? Who knows but the time was a pacey 78.29. Mags Booth and Becky Sykes made up the top three ladies both with impressive sub 80 minute times. Special mention to Samantha Jane Tinsdale for knocking a whole 7 minutes off her 10 mile pb, Samantha Louise Ellis on running 10 miles for the first time ever and everyone else who got out there and ran (pb or not).

In short a great day out with the STAC family. A lovely race, flat and fast with nice scenery. Very well organised and a cool hand thrown mug and chocolate bar at the finish. What’s not to like?

With the sleet about to fall myself, Donna, Ross and Phil quickly hobbled back to Phil’s car and the thought of warmth! The injuries were back and we somehow managed to get lost and walk around in a huge circle but it was all worth it. Well done to everyone, see you at Thirsk 10.

Rich Cooper

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