Sheffield Half Marathon Race Report

Breezy, chilly morning but the sun trying to break through to warm up the thousands of runners.

We met Nathan and the 4 of us walked to the start together (Steve, me, Andy and Nathan). We edged nearer to the start line and finally we started at 9:36am.

I was really looking forward to this event, unlike most it held three challenges in one; from mile 4-5 we had the ‘King of the Hill’ -timed mile section, with the first 10k also being timed, together with the overall race time this formed the ‘Triple Test’

The first 1.5miles weren’t too bad, downhill, slight incline until we reached the start of the steep long 5 mile stretch. The wind was blowing against half way up so made it tough, legs started feeling tired and I began walking in places but Sophie Cullen caught up with me and got me running again.  Sophie carried on ahead but I managed to see most of my STAC team mates; Anna Milburn and then Peter Boyle followed by Emma Longfellow (already ahead of me). Rachel Cryer soon caught up with me and I let her go and at some point I saw Stacey Goodyear too!  I was taking it steady after getting over all my injuries.

Unfortunately I did see a lady fall in the middle of the road (hope she was ok) I would’ve stopped but her friends and a first aider were with her.

The last 3.5 miles was mainly downhill and the wind on our side blowing us faster down the hill, had to watch out for the spraying dust though; the marshall’s sheltered their eyes because of it. The sun was out again, slight incline before we rounded the corner for the last stretch.

When I saw the finish line that was it the race was on again for me to get under 2hrs 25. This guy decided to race me, I looked across at him and he looked at me we both smiled and I got faster, he gave up and I got over the line ahead of him and yes I got under 2hr 25. Very, very pleased I beat my Silverstone half time by 4 minutes.

All in all a great race, stunning scenery well organised and I smiled all the way. Though I said at the time I wouldn’t do it again on reflection I would.

Special mention to Stacey, Emma and Anna losing the car and adding miles onto the half they’ve just ran. Poor Emma was freezing but did get given a foil blanket to help keep her warm whilst queuing to collect her bag from the bus. We all beat Harry Gratian (2hr32-he finished in). Second time I’ve beaten him in a race.  Brilliant support on the route from everyone, big shout out to Glen Johnson and Jess McMullan for supporting us. Lots of jelly babies given out on the route, shame loads ended up on the floor!

Team STAC Results:

43rd- Paul Newsome -1hr22.42

71st- John Robson -1hr 24.47

136- Nathan Vaughan -1hr28.01

188- Steve Head -1hr30.18

755- Andy warrender -1hr40.12

2677- Sophie Cullen -1hr51.05,

3784- Anna Milburn -2hr02.27

3828- Peter Boyle -2hr03.09

3845- Emma Longfellow -2hr03.16

4631- Stacey Goodyear -2hr12.43

4604- Rachel Cryer -2hr12.47

4802- Karen Head -2hr23.34.


By Karen Head

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