Thursday 27th February. Same, same but different again!

Meet for a 6.30 departure to Templenewsam outside the Brown Cow at Whitkirk, LS15.
Warm up jog over fields whilst performing dynamic warm up exercises.
Collect in front of House.
4 points on parkrun path. Point 1 being nearest the House. Each point x2
After point 4 perform one circuit of the House – clockwise – and sprint along paved area. This is the top of the pyramid. ( slow down after reaching the turn off point )
Work down the pyramid by:-
Repeating point 4, 3, 2, 1
At the half time point if you have not reached the top of the pyramid work your way back down by repeating the last effort etc.
meet in amphitheatre for stretches then gentle jog back to St. Mary’s car park.
Are you ready to post details of the Beginners Course Starting on 10th April? Once we have a Beginners page up and running on the website please start posting on Facebook etc. Applications to be made on the web site! Look out for the Beginners page!

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