Roll Call for PECO XC Volunteers – 30th Nov

As you may know we are hosting another race – this time it’s the first PECO of the 2014-15 series.

We will be hosting this race on the 30th November and are in need of volunteers! I’m sure many of you intend to run, even if that’s you, we still need help with the Junior runs which are done before the race.

Positions available include:-

Non-Runners Only

14x Course Marshalls (Senior Race) –

John-Paul O’Toole,
Rachelle Brown,
Geoff Hardman,
Pauline Hardman,
Barbara Cunliffe
Lynsey Farthing,
Hilary Robinson,
Joanne Holland,
Lisa McDowell

Karen Haunch,
Emma May,
Liz Clothier,
Liz Merriman,
Andrew Tindsdale

8x Timing and Assistants

Brian Shepherd,
Karen Downham ,
Nicki Coop,
Helen Cowley,
Tony Bullough,
Paul Ebrey

2x Catering (Coordinating)

Lesley Lavery & Karen Head

Runners & Non-Runners

6x to 9x Course Marshals (Junior Races) – 

Sam Tinsdale,
Alan Schofield,
Becca Hatrell,
Sarah Bastow,
Alison Varley
Anna Sharrot,
Sarah Waite,
Shaun Loftus,
Joanne Loftus,
Faye Loftus

10x Registration

Nicki Coop (Lead),
Karen Sherras ,
Stuart Gall,
Sonia Rundle,
Michelle Smale,
Jess McMullen,
Wendy Chapman,
Val Pell,
Kate Penrose,
Lyndsay Georqopolves

4x Car Park Marshals

Ian Sheppard,
Tracey Piper,
Rob Blemmings
Phil Coop,
Jane Copley

Junior Timing & Assistants

Helen Cowley,
Paul Ebrey,

Tail Runner

Karen Sherras

If you are interested in helping please email or let one of the committee members know.

Information about the races can be found at – a full route plan and course description will be on there soon.



P.S. Positions aren’t final so don’t worry if someone has taken your dream job… or if you desperately need to do something else let me know!

**Updated 26/11/2014**

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