PECO XC Race 4 Round-up – 8th February 2015

The PECO weather fairies were out in force for our 4th cross country run on the season, under bright blue skies and warm(ish) sunshine 51 STAC runners met at Boddington Fields. After a few minor complaints about the parking (lack of) which Ian Sheppard avoided by running there, we were congregated around our flag when Becca Hatrell turned up with energy balls for team STAC.

energy balls

 As we prepared for the start, the men having done their warm-up an announcement filtered round the field that it would be a combined start at 11am. For the first time this season the men and ladies lined up on the start line together (much to the disappointment of Mike Higgins who apparently likes the idea of being chased by the ladies) the klaxon sounded and the race began. It didn’t take long for the runners to spread out like a multi coloured snake winding its way around the first field and down into the second. A slight course adjustment meant that the water jump was missing this year although the rain had made up for it and left a huge muddy puddle at the bottom of THE HILL for us to navigate through. Up to the top and around the football pitch avoiding a few stray balls from the games taking place, past the start and ready to do it all again. After several hundred runners went round the course for the second time the snake was soon slithering and sliding through parts.


To the finish which was not quite as smooth as some would hope, a narrow finish and some Thai boxing skills caused some amusement to Sarah Morley and dismay to Glen Johnson, who won the sprint final and harmony resumed.


The day was finished off with the now inevitable post run debrief in the Barnbow Pub.


Alison Varley was the first lady home (10) second place Judy Lui(33) and third place Jess McMullan

A total of 22 ladies Ran


Current Standings:


Ladies First Division – 5

Ladies Vets Premier Division – 4


Richard Hetherington was first man home (yet again 14) Second place Terry Midgley (22)

and Paul Newsome third (27)

A total of 29 men ran


Current Standings:

Mens premier Division – 2

Mens Vets Premier Division – 1



This all bodes well for the last race in the series, here’s hoping for a mega turnout on the 1st March


Nicki Coop

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