PECO XC Race 2 Roundup – 14th December 2014

Excuses. Runners love them, for some reason nobody ever rolls up to a race and states ‘yep, I feel good, I’m ready, just a shame Mo Farrah isn’t here today to get a bashing’. No, it was no surprise that the various snippets of conversations overheard before PECO Race 2 were along the lines of ‘..yes, apart from this tight hamstring…’ and ‘…just can’t shake this cough…’. We love it don’t we? Of course once the race starts said complainant usually shoots off into the distance!

One thing we have no excuse for though is the much talked about missing club flag; well next race it WILL be present along with the club gazebo (hosts permitting of course), it might not compete with some of the mobile palaces other club had erected at Nostell Priory, but it will be there – we think Sara Jackson volunteered to get up extra early to make sure!

STAC Ladies cropped

The Fantastic STAC Ladies Team (missing Hannah and Lynn)

So onto the race… no intimidating obstacles this time, or so we thought, but a fairly awesome start which felt something like a battle charge down that field; turning round and back uphill to start less so though, but having a staggered start again meant that the fantastic STAC ladies were on hand as a cheering squad for our men’s team.

Nostell promised a somewhat less muddy run than Barnbow Fields, well that was until the second field which shall henceforth be known as ‘The grasping bog of a thousand shoes’. I don’t think any of our teams actually lost any shoes or fell over though which was a massive achievement, though Karen Head, who loves a photo, did confess to stopping and asking a photographer where the best place to er… fall in a photogenic fashion would be.

It was a fantastic course overall, taking in a stunning National Trust site which was a pleasure and a privilege to race around. Credit to the organisers, we shall not mention the shortage of food (much) for late comers, but as Malcolm Lavery said so rightly said afterwards it was much more important to stay at the finish and cheer all of our team mates across the line.


STAC Men on the Charge*

For the second race running Alison Varley led the STAC ladies home, this time in an amazng 10th position overll. Second lady again was Judy Tao(36), close call once more for third with Julie James(96) leading Caryn Burke(98). Final ladies scorer, proving those cheers of support at the line are hugely worthwhile was Jess McMullan(122).

The ladies this time finished 5th in the first division which leaves them in 6th Position overall on count back. Meanwhile the ladies vets finised 3rd in the premier league, moving them into 3rd position overall. (Judy Tao, Alison Varley & Lynne Fallon(165)).

Richard Herrington(29) was for the second time first STAC man home, Ray Love(35) was second John Robson(40) took third, there must be something about this position as again fourth place STAC man Paul Newsome(43) was very close behind. Terry Midgley(52) took fifth in his first PECO of the season, Ross Phelan(57) in sixth, Graham Shooter(76 – for the second time, consistent!) seventh and Alan Schofield(85) eighth and final scorer.

For race two the men’s team finished 3rd in the premier division and sit 3rd on count back. Huge congratulations though the men’s vets, who finish 1st in the vets premier division and sit at the top on count back too (Ray Love,Paul Newsome, Terry Midgley, Alan Schofield, Wayne Pacevitch(112) & Chris Gill(164)).

In total, for PECO Race 2 we had 21 ladies and 32 men racing for STAC, a great turnout and thanks to all who made the journey, whether to race or support, it’s all appreciated.

The next race is on the 4th January – what better way to start the New Year and burn of the festive excess? Hope to see you there.























*Thanks to Philip Bland for use of this photograph

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