Peco Race 1 – Results

can be found on:-

– 6th in Premier League
– 1st in Premier Veterans’ League

– 3rd in 1st Division
– 8th in Ladies Premier Veterans League

2nd team and Colin Morath results yet to be published

On a morning with unpredictable weather, the 2013-2014 Peco Cross-Country League commenced at Temple Newsam. STAC had the biggest turnout known in recent years for a cross-country race with 28 men and 21 ladies completing the 4.75 mile route. Indeed, the race had over 650 senior runners which was a record amount for PECO and a tremendous turnout.

The route itself as befits Temple Newsam was undulating. A start in front of the house followed by a manic downhill run and then back up by the fence past the copses and down Dog Kennel hill. The 1st mile was quick, very quick, and muddy in parts. The field started to get spread out going to the climb up The Avenue to Bullerthorpe Lane, a longish and exhausting climb that penalised those who went off too quick at the start.

Turning left from Bullerthorpe Lane towards Colton saw plenty of mud and new shoes being marked. The drop down to Colton was welcomed by Ronnie Bray and Emma shouting encouragement. The drop down to the Lakes was welcome only to be greeted by the climb to Little Temple. Exhausting.

Dropping down from Little Temple through the stile saw us work us way back to Dog Kennel hill. An exhausting climb up that punctured by support from Paul Newsom and Graham Shooter amongst others. At the end of that, a right turn and one lap of the copse and back to the House to finish. I did the route in 7 min 12 sec average pace which is about right.

A big thank you to Kippax for hosting the race and the many STACs who assisted in car park, marshalling, photography and support. PECO hopefully will learn from the finish, that it needs some kind of funnel system to make sure we dont have a long queue before the finish which I’m sure they will.

Finally, well done PECO for getting individual results up on Monday. A positive start for STAC, hope you enjoyed the run and roll on Race 2 at Golden Acre on 15th December.

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