Peco Cross Country Results – Race 3

Results can be found at 

388 men ran the race, 231 women did likewise, total field size was 619.

Men’s team finished 7th on the day and are 7th (3rd from bottom) overall. We are in a real dogfight now to stay up with 3 teams on 19pts and its essential we get as fuller turnouts as possible in the last 2 races to avoid relegation.

Men’s veterans team finished 2nd on the day and are 2nd overall. We won’t win the competition but it would be good to come 2nd.

The Ladies finished 3rd on the day in the Firs Division and are now 4th overall. Good turnouts at the last 2 races could see the Ladies finish 3rd whic would be a terrific achievement.

The Ladies veterans finished 8th on the day and are 8th overall in the Premier Division. Good turnouts at the last two races will maintain Premier Division status.

In The Colin Morath Trophy (no idea hows its calculated) St Theresa’s have risen to 10th.

Next race is Sunday 16th February.

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