No Walk Thursday

Meet outside Brown Cow at Whitkirkfor a 6.30pm  start

We will use the path down to the lake and round the house.
There will be four points, each one further down the path.
Start at the point nearest the house. Run hard up to the house. Recover by
jogging round two sides of the house anti clockwise ( the house on your left )
Run hard down the third side.
Jog to the next point on the path, (either on the path or diagonally on the
Do the same from points 2,3,4( Run hard to the house, jog 2 sides, sprint down
one side, jog to the next point)
Once the set is completed start again and do as much as you can in the time
Don’t forget to warm up on the way to Templenewsam. Try to meet someone that you’ve not spoken to before ( if they’re walking a dog you could invite them along! )

Slow warm down and stretches in St. Mary’s hall car park

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