Muddy Boots 10k

We started the 2013 season with this race, and there have been some changes in the meantime, principally that the mail loop around the countryside is now clockwise rather than anticlockwise, so the narrow bridge and style is around 8km, so the queuing is considerably reduced.
The race is hosted by a primary school, and at the corner of the playing field was a rather nice shelter, as we thought, that wasn’t there on our previous visit. Actually, we were told, this was an outdoor classroom, the funding for which had come from the proceeds of previous races, so it was nice to see how the school had benefitted from the event.
Apart from a bit of drizzle just before the start, the weather remained clear, but cold, though the course had been nicely watered over the previous few days. Definitely trail shoes for this one! Actually, there was nothing too deep, but there plenty to slip and slide on. One lady said she was pleased she had been ice-skating the day before, as she was able to apply the same technique to the run!
Not the fastest 10km course, but a medal, teabags, banana, and a bespoke “Muddy Boots” Wensleydale cheese for everyone at the finish. Not only that, as an extra spot prize for the race’s tenth anniversary there was a supply of tea for the year for one gentleman and one lady, Judy Liu being one of the two lucky winners.
On the way home, we started to hear news of our colleagues who had decided to do the Dewsbury 10km instead, and presumably because there is less mud on the main road to Batley, some of them had gone very quickly indeed. But no club points, of course. And no cheese.

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