Meet The Member – Wanda Macdonald

Part 2 of the series with the focus on this interview with Wanda, who has won the Ladies Championship for the last 10 years!!

Best Times
Distance Time Where When 2013 times
5k 21:31 Hyde Park 2010 21:52
10k 00:43:17 Abbey Dash 2009 00:46:37
10 miles 01:10:14 Snake Lane 2006 01:15:54
Half Marathon 01:34:49 Brass Monkey 2006 01:38:50
Marathon 03:39:49 London 2010 03:41:09
Triathlon All different- course dependant
What   challenges or goals have you left to achieve/fulfill?
I’d   like to do a half Ironman Distance triathlon (hopefully this year) and some   more long distance events. Plus, its always good to do a race I haven’t done   before.
What’s   the best piece of advice you have given?
I   don’t really know the answer to this but I guess it would be the piece of   advice that was heeded by the recipient and they gained from it!
I   would say that enjoying running is more important and will stay with you   longer than a fast time.
From   Julie James, why can’t I run as fast as you?
Because   I’m your big sister and you know better than to beat me 😉
What’s   your greatest running achievement?
Another   difficult question! Finishing my first marathon in 1986 as an unattached   runner was special – it took me 17 years to join a running club because I   thought all club runners were really fast.
Crossing   the line as first lady in the Harewood 10k, 2012 was a good feeling too 🙂
How   nervous were you prior to your first triathlon?
Not   nervous at all. I wanted to enjoy it and had no expectations so I just turned   up and did it.
What   advice can you offer to someone who might be interested in training and   competing in a triathlon?
Depending   on your abilities, enter a sprint triathlon. As long as you can swim 16   lengths (any stroke), can cycle 10/12 miles and run a 5k you can do it. Don’t   worry about special kit- you only need a roadworthy bike and helmet, swimwear   and running clothes.
You   can cycle on any bike and wear your running trainers. You can pull a T shirt   and shorts over your swimsuit and you’re away! Also, talk to someone who’s   done one about transition.
How   many miles a week do you swim, bike and run? How do you fit it all in?
I   cycle to work (about 40/50 miles per week), swim roughly 3 times per week   (about 4 miles in total) and run 5 times per week (about 40 miles when I’m   not marathon training).
I   swim before work and on a Saturday after my long run and I run in the   evenings on a Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat+ either Mon or Sun depending on if I’ve got   a race planned.
Has   your running got affected by the triathlon?
No,   I don’t think so- I haven’t really changed my running pattern. My running is   affected mainly by weather. I’m not good in heat and am scared of slipping on   ice.
When   did you start running and how old were you?
I   started in about 1981 -young 😉
I   stopped from 1986 to 2002 to look after my kids.
What   was your motivation to take running up?
I   can’t really remember (it’s so long ago!) but probably, as a teenaged girl,   it was to lose weight even though my weight has always been stable.
What   was your first race?
I   think my first race was a ‘Women’s Own’ (from the magazine) fun run in about   1983. I placed in the top three! After that I did a half marathon at   Easingwold. I still have the results list and Chris Gill and Alan Schofield   amongst others were on the list.
How   does your pace consistency come about? Was it learnt or natural?
I   think my pace is natural. I just run as fast as I run and tend to run the   same pace at the end of a run as I do at the start. I completed my first   marathon on 4 hrs. 2 mins and Amsterdam last year in 3hrs 55 mins.
Have   you ever walked during a race?
Yes,   lots of times especially up hills and in marathons. I don’t worry about   walking, I’m there to get enjoyment out of the event.
Have   you ever wanted to punch someone during a race?
No-   strange question! Why would I? I’m too busy doing my own thing.
What   is your favourite race and why?
I   don’t have a favourite but I like hills and good trails – not too muddy or   slippy
What’s   your favourite race to watch as a spectator?
Triathlon   is a great thing to watch but I’d rather be taking part than watching.
I   do love watching MotoGP and Formula 1 though.
You’ve   been ladies champ for 10 straight years now. What meant more to you, the   first or last?
Neither,   each year I never knew how it would finish and each championship was as   important as the last.
What   do you eat before a race and do you have a pre-race ritual?
I   have porridge for breakfast and a cup of peppermint tea. I’ve had a few   collapses because I struggle to keep my blood sugar up which means I always   carry an energy drink and gels. I’ve been investigated for it and can’t have   caffeine before or during races so I always look forward to a coffee   afterwards.
Who   is your inspiration?
I   think the Brownlees are inspiring but I run for myself so I would do it   anyway.
Is   there anything you do to try and avoid injury?
Be   consistent. I don’t push too hard in training and always try to run steadily.   I leave pushing it for races and that seems to work for me.
And   finally, what did you have for breakfast this morning?
Peanut   and jam in a wholemeal roll along with a Berocca type drink after swimming.   Yum 🙂


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