Meet the Member – Terry Midgley


Geoff Hardman – After 3 years with STAC what have you learned about yourself and how has your life altered? What tips would you pass on to newcomers to our great sport?

After 3 yrs I’ve learned ‘you’re never too old to start running’. And for tips ‘newcomers look after your feet, buy a decent pair of trainers if you can’.

Karen Head – Who inspired you most to take up running?

Myself Karen, well actually a picture of me on holiday 4 yrs ago. I weighed 14 and half stone. I had to do something about it.

Malcolm Lavery – Is it running all the way, or do you cycle or swim too?

Mainly running Malcolm, sometimes use the bike to go to work and back.

Gillian Lambert – I am genuinely in awe of your dedication and achievements, do you ever run without thinking about your pace / time?

I don’t mind running slower with friends or pacing at parkrun, but never run without my watch on.

Mark Abdy – What goals have you got left in running that you would like to achieve? Is there one of your PB’s you would particularly like to improve on, if so, which one and what time would you like to achieve?

I had had a few goals this year, one was to run under 36 for a 10k which I have now done and the other is to run under 60 mins for a 10 miler. Next year I want to run under 2.50 for a marathon.

Nathan Vaughan – Where do you get your hair done and did Mel or you choose the style?

I get it done in the shower most weeks. Mel loves men with really long hair or baldies so I went for the latter.

John Robson – What’s your next world record attempt? You know you want to!

I’m still gutted I let myself down so don’t want to feel that bad again.. haha.. but never say never!

John Robson – What’s it like being club champion

There are so many people in the club now it makes you feel really proud, but also a little pressured to try and do it all again.

Sara Jackson – What do you remember about your very first night training with STAC?

One of the best things I ever did turning up on a Thurs night, I felt a little nervous about not keeping up. Then I saw wayne Pacevitch who I new away from running and made it much easier.

Leigh Harvey – Do you ever wear the correct tee shirt?

Yes Leigh I must wear a uniform at work…lol

John-Paul O’Toole – Who is your nemesis?

Don’t have a nemesis as such, everyone is soo supportive – plenty of club rivals keep me working harder.

Helen Swallow – what is your favourite running distance?

Great question. ..I think it has to be the marathon. You don’t go flat out and the sense of achievement is amazing at the end.

Jess McMullen – To us newbies you are a total inspiration, how far in running did you realise that you were in fact a good runner and a fast one?

When I joined I thought 10 miles was like a marathon. The more races I ran the better I seemed to get, but after my first London marathon finishing in the top 5%, that spurred me on to get even better.

Rachel Cryer – Have you ever though of changing your name by deed poll to Terry the Machine Midgley?

No Rachel that middle name belongs to Helen

Andy Warrender – Apart from running, what other activities do/did you do to get yourself do fit?

Not a lot Andy really, a little bit of core strength i.e. Press ups, crunches a few weights but mainly only do them when I’m not running.

Paul Ebrey – Terry I have rarely known you to be injured. Do you do anything post run to help recovery?

I always stretch off really well Paul even on little runs. Eat plenty of protein and I guess I’ve been really lucky.

James May – As current men’s champion, and undisputedly one of the best current runners in the club, you’re an inspiration to most, if not all of us; if there’s just one piece of advice that you could give, what would it be?

Join a running team, the friends and support you get make running soo much easier.

Joanne Loftus – If you could choose any race in the world to take part in what would you do and why?

There are soo many I want to do. I would love to run the New York marathon just because it’s one of the biggest marathons on the world.

Karen Sherras – What advice would you give to someone who wanted to undertake an ‘ultra’ distance run? Was being ‘Meet the Member’ as scary as you thought it would be?

The more you train the easier it gets, look after your body and if you need a rest then REST... Yes pretty scary, because compared to some of the legends in our team, I’m still a bit of a newbie myself.

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