Meet The Member – Karen Sherras

Part 3 of our series sees our Female newcomer of 2013, Karen Sherras, answer some of our members’ questions:-

Wanda Macdonald – What is the best piece of running advice you’ve received since you joined the club? Also, was joining a running club as scary as you thought it would be?

I have had lots of good advice since joining the club but what I always remember is how often I am told to enjoy it.  I was quite nervous when I joined as I never thought I was good enough to join but everyone was so friendly and welcoming and my nerves and worries soon disappeared.

Phil Coop – where do you think you would be running wise if we hadn’t ‘dragged you’ off the street several months ago?

I think I would have had a few months off and be trying to build back up to doing 10k again.  I am enjoying running more than ever and I have made some wonderful friends too.

Paul Ebrey – what triggered you to start running? And did you play any sport when younger?  What is your most enjoyable race and why? What race would you recommend run and why? What health improvements have you seen?

My Mum was diagnosed with cancer and I decided that I would run race for life to raise some money for charity.

I played the usual sports at school but I wasn’t very good and as one of the smallest in the class I was always picked last.

I have had lots of enjoyable races but the half marathon at Silverstone is the best I have done so far (I am sure this will change though).

For those at the earliest stage of their running I would recommend the 5k at Methley as this is a lovely flat course and the scenery is beautiful.  For a 10k either the Abbey Dash or Dewsbury – both are nice courses and the atmosphere was brilliant.

In terms of health improvements I feel so much fitter, have changed shape and slimmed down a bit and have more energy now than ever before.

Michael Keedy – what keeps/gets you motivated, and are you motivated by other athletes reaching their goals and improving?

The club help keep me motivated and also having a race to aim for – this year I am planning on doing two 10 mile races, 3 half marathons and a full marathon as well as other 5k and 10k races and also park run at Temple Newsam.

I am always inspired by others who reach their goals, especially those new to running as that was me not so long ago.

Joanne Loftus – what are your proudest running moments to date?

One of the proudest moments has to be completing the Redcar Half Marathon last September.  This is the first time I had ever run that distance without walking any of it.

I was absolutely delighted to be voted Best Female Newcomer last year – it was totally unexpected and I am so proud that you all feel I have made such an improvement since I joined the club.

Helen Swallow – What would your advice be to anyone just starting/thinking about taking up running?

Do it – if possible do it with a running club – I didn’t and that is why it took me a few years to get my act together.

Lisa Belford McDowell – Where locally is your favourite running route or place to run?

I love Temple Newsam – even more so now the club have shown me lots of different routes and paths that I can take.  I love the variety, the hills but more importantly the peace and tranquillity of the

James May – Great running for you last year but what was the highlight?

Apart from meeting such a wonderful and inspirational bunch of people the highlight for me was being awarded Best Female Newcomer – this brought home to me just how much I had achieved in the year and has really inspired me to go on and achieve more.

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