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A new monthly feature that is designed to find out a bit more about our members. The first feature is of “The Machine” or “The Legend”, our chairman, Chris Gill.

Best Times and where

5k,19:08, Canal Run 2012
10k,34:29, Harrogate 1989
10 miles,55:46, York 1985
1/2 marathon, 1hr 15mins 40secs, Wakefield 1989
Marathon, 2hrs 43mins, 34 secs, Leeds 1985

When did you join STAC?
11th February 1984

What got you into running?
Finished playing football and partner at the time started running so as I could always run, I decided to follow suit
What was the first race you did and how many shillings was it to enter?
Not sure of 1st race but remember my first half-marathon was at Otley. Did it in about 1:45 and it was £2-£3 to enter
What is your favourite race?
Leeds half marathon. I have always done reasonably well in it especially when it was run in October

Racing high point (So far)
Have several. Completing my 1st marathon. Being ranked number 1 in the UK in 2008 for the V60 category for 10 miles (did it in 61:36). Running the Abbey Dash as a V60 in 36:40

Most memorable race for the wrong reasons
Several of these but the James Herriott half marathon stands out. Set off and thought It was odd I was in the leading group. Then I found out why. The hills ran sll the way but on one steep hill those who decided to walk were passing me. I did never did it again.

Something about running that makes you still laugh
You never know what to expect on a run. On a riverbank challenge, I was confronted by a herd of charging bullock. One dark evening in Colton, we heard a noise and a galloping horse minus a rider came round the corner and narrowly missed me and a car.

How many pairs of trainers do you reckon you’ve got through?
Educated guess is at least 80 but nearer 100 I would have thought

Main nemesis over the years?
In the early years there were 5 of us and we were seperated by only seconds. Of those only Alan Schofield is still running, when you see him, mention Rothwell 10k

Best runner you’ve run with?
Ian Walker. He was only a member for a few years but he had so much natural ability. Sadly, he never fulfilled his potential .

What do you think of the growth of the club?
Like a breath of fresh air

Pre-race routine (including Superstitions and Food)
Sort kit out night before, no alcohol. Breakfast 3 hours before race, tend to the laces 2-3 times.

How many marathons have you run?
10. 4 Leeds, 3 London, 1 each at Nottingham, New York and Paris

How did Chris Gill handicap come about and when did it start?
Started in 2000, now in its 14th year and no-one has won it twice. It came about as I was fortunate to win category prizes and the majority of runners didn’t win anything. I thought it gave every member the chance to win a trophy
Favourite sporting icon
Never really had one as I have always been competitive

A piece of advice you would give to a novice or progressive runner?
Running has it’s ups and downs so when things don’t go to plan, don’t be dis-heartened, you will bounce back. Also, ensure you have some decent trainers which suit your running style

What do you do when not running?
I’m an early riser, I get up at 7am to take the dog out. Watch sport, especially horse racing but only bet in pennies as I treat it as a hobby

And finally, what did you have for breakfast this morning?
Porridge, slice of toast and a cup of tea

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