London Marathon Draw

The draw for the club places for the 2016 London Marathon will take place after running, on Tuesday 3rd November at 8.45pm in the Barnbow Social Club.

Please note you must meet certain criteria in order for your name to be included in the draw:

1. you must have been a fully paid up club member as at year this VLM ( 26th April 2015).

2. you must have entered the VLM ballot and received a rejection letter/magazine/email

3. you must be available to run in the 2016 VLM.

If you are currently injured and unable to run at all, then you must decide whether it will be feasible for you to recover and train in time for VLM.

Places are only transferable to the person whose name was drawn after yours in the club ballot and usually known as first reserve. The place cannot be transferred to anyone other person.

On Tuesday we will draw 5 names.  The first two are places in VLM,  the third may get a VLM place (we are still waiting for confirmation), fourth place is first reserve and fifth is second reserve.

We also have the possibility of an Edinburgh marathon place – if we do then this will be offered to 3rd place (if we dont have 3 London places) or 4th place (if we do).

If you wish your name to be included in the club draw, and you meet the criteria above, please can you let Chris Gill know before Tuesday night.

Good luck everyone

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