London Marathon Club Draw 1

The ballot will take place on Tuesday 8th October after running, in the Barnbow Social Club at 9pm.

To qualify for a chance at the club place you must:-

  • Have been a 1st claim member of the club since 21st April 2013.
  • You must have entered the ballot, and bring your reject letter as proof of this.

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One thought on “London Marathon Club Draw

  • Paul Ebrey

    Congratulations to James May and Jude Jackson who won the 2 club places in the ballot held at Barnbow Social Club last night.

    Reserves are:-
    1, Lynne Fallon
    2, Helen
    3, Joanne Loftus

    Thank you to everyone who entered and who came to view the draw last night, commiserations to those who were ballotted out.