Leeds Half Marathon Race Report

Report by Jess McMullan

Leeds Half time and one of our club races, knew it was going to be a major turn out for the GREEN ARMY!

Woke up thinking ideal weather conditions for running a half marathon, should have known the weather people would have got it wrong!



Quite proud of myself that I managed to get to the Town Hall for the club photo ON TIME and not having to do the usual selfie photo for the stragglers who can’t get out of bed on time (Don’t worry selfies were taken on route and uploaded on route) .

81 I believe from STAC (first or second claim) decided to roam the streets of Leeds that Sunday! A massive turnout and maybe biggest club there?

After the usual toilet breaks and Adele showing us the sneaky way into the Town Hall toilets so to avoid the horrible Porto loos we were OFF!

I knew the course was classed as HILLY and had inclines but throw in unexpected heat and by mile 2 it was like running in the Caribbean… (felt like it).

4 miles in and realising theses hills were getting longer or steeper I decided running a marathon 3 weeks before and trying to run Leeds half at a sub 1:50 for me was too much. Legs were not having it as much as my bowls decided enough was enough! Yes toilet issues occurred and I’m not afraid to say it! Happens to us all I get told.

Passed a few Porto loos on route thinking do I?

Of course this problem I had was all Mark Evans fault! ” You have to carb load Jess… it’s important!”.

Passed my mother with a tap on the back and a “what you doing behind me?”.

Not for long mother not for long I thought.

Plodding on I was grateful for the amazing STAC support along route and of course Donna for her fantastic photography skills of my behind up Stonegate Road… I must have been far too fast for her to take a frontal photo!!

By mile 8-9 the heat was strong and I was struggling, I caught up with Adele and decided I needed a running buddy so asked if she minded if I stuck with her. I think we both needed the support and quite frankly I just wanted to finish this race by then.

After finally deciding it was a bush or the floor I politely asked a Marshall where the next pit stop was?’

To his reply “down the hill on your right.

Longest downhill ever as Adele could vouch and a few swear words might have flown out!

Dived into a loo, tad upset Adele wouldn’t wait for me! Not a true friend if you ask me…

After destroying the loo (could have done with a NO ENTRY sign on) I managed to catch up to Adele with a encouraging shout out from Shaun Loftus (thanks).

10ish miles in and totally wrecked, MIKES WATERING HOLE was a welcoming site. Fantastic welcome from the amazing STACs manning it and of course the fabulous Simon! Pit stop and photo taken onwards and upwards we plodded/walked.

Mike Watering Hole

Mike’s watering hole, fantastic  – he would be proud! 

Loved the encouraging “it’s only a park run” from them fantastic crowds as we matched on… I swear Kirkstall Road is longer than ANY park run!!’

Took a phone call from my daughter (multi tasking) asking where her head phones are? To which I replied “well I’ve got them BUT I’m running a half marathon at moment so just a bit difficult to give them to you!”

Last mile!! And yes! YES, machine mother only caught us!

To her and my shock she muttered “this is a first” I looked and said “taking it easy mother, taking it easy I’ll let you have this one”.

Home straight and all the amazing cheers and support was fab! The Three amigo’s ran in or as Julie said it looked like baranana running in! Finish was there and of course me being me shouted photos ladies; Let’s look good!

Ran in with Adele and my mother on 2hrs 9.15secs.

Jess Leeds Half

Jess finishes with Adele and Lynne ‘mother’

Fab technical t-shirt, medal and choc bar we’re given to all finishers.

Not what I wanted but learnt a very valuable lesson that day! It’s not always about time, toilet issues, legs just like lead weights and heat made this run for me like running Manchester all over again!

Now enough about ME and let’s mention some amazing achievements from the day.

81 STAC runners took part (first and second claim)

First Three men

Richard Herrington : 1hr 14:56! WOW

Ray Love.               :  1:19.40

Paul Newsome        :  1:19:42


First three ladies

Wanda Macfonald : 1:47.59

Helen Watkins : 1:48.40

Mags booth : 1:51:03

Special mention to Joe Butler; 1hr 33.19! Amazing time from this young lad.

Anna Sharrott getting inside 2hrs at 1:59.51, Cracking work Anna!

Joanne Holland on 1:59.27

Becca Hattrell, first half in 2:00:12

And Emma Longfellow on 2:00.51

Amazing running from these ladies.

So all in all a fab day was had and I think we have the STAC takeover pub evidence to show it!


STAC Takeover the Cuthbert Broderick!

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