LCW Teams 2017

LCW Update – Team Numbers can now be collected from your captains or Stuart Gall. Club captains being contacted to get their final pairing and confirmation of who has and hasn’t paid. Please don’t be on the naughty list!!


After much deliberation please find attached details of the six teams that will represent STAC for the Leeds Country Way Relay in September.


This year we have decided to have split our efforts and have the best teams we could under the three categories

  • Open Team
  • Vets Team (40+ Men / 35+ Ladies)
  • Mixed Team  (6 Men and 6 Ladies)

We have also decided to field a Ladies Vets Team and two other teams called Team 5 and Team 6.

There was very little between some runners in terms of times so please do not feel bad if you didn’t get the team you expected.

Teams Captains will now arrange you into pairings, allocate legs and collect the entry fee of £10 each.   The pairings may be changed based on discussions between team members and their captains from this point forwards.


  • Open Team  – TBD
  • Vets Team – Nathan Vaughan
  • Mixed Team – Tillie Clark
  • Ladies Vets – Emma Longfellow
  • Team 5 – Richard Cooper
  • Team 6 – Leanne MacLellan

As always feel free to come back to me if you have any queries

Stu Gall

LCW Coordinator



20/06 v3: Martin Horbury has withdrawn so Steve Holmes has moved to Men’s Vets and Richard Howarth to Team 5

23/06 v5: Sarah Waite has withdrawn so Shaun Loftus replaces her in team 5 and Pauline Blackwell and Jane Scott move into team 6 to fill the gaps.  Pairings and Legs now added for all teams.  2 more reserves added to the list.

28/06 v12:  Changes to Men’s Vets Pairing and Legs as requested by Team Captain Nathan Vaughan. Jess McMullan has withdrawn from the Mixed Team – Need to find an alternative runner.

07/07 v14: Violet Gill withdrawn due to injury (hope the foot gets better soon). Stuart Gall moves into Team 6 and Lee Holliday comes off the reserve bench into Team 5. Still an empty slot in the Mixed Team and missing captains now in team 5 (since my move) and Men’s Open.

25/08 v18:  Lots of changes

Alan Schofield replaced by Craig Keedy , Malcolm Lavery replaced by Rob Martin, Dave Leaf replaced by Andy Longfellow, Stuart Gall moves to Team 5 (leg 5), Jo Loftus replaced by Julie Heslegrave, Emma Longfellow moves to Leg 3 in Ladies Vets, Wanda MacDonald joins Ladies Vets on leg 6, Michelle Smale joins Team 6 on leg 2.


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