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Hi All,

This post has been created to answer a few common questions regarding the Leeds Country Way Event – as always the Kippax Harriers website should be viewed if more information is required. Feel free to bounce any other questions my way and I’ll attempt to answer them here.

Stu Gall

Q1 – Are there any drink stations / water stops on the LCW route?
A1 – Nope – please carry whatever fluids / gels / food you think you’ll need to get through the run (remember if it is sunny / warm you will need more).

Q2 – Do I have to wear club kit?
A2 – Yes as we have entered as “club” teams please wear either the club vest or green club t-shirt

Q3 – Do we wear race numbers?
A3 – Yes each team of twelve runners wears the same number.

Q4 – What do I need to bring on race day?
A4 – Race Number + Safety Pins and Club kit as a minimum (plus whatever else you usually carry / wear when running)

Q5 – Where does the race start and at what time?
A5 – The race starts and finishes at the Garforth Sport Centre, Ninelands Ln, Garforth, Leeds LS25 1NX. Race Starts at 8am.

Q6 – How much does the race cost?
A6 – £10 per runner, please pay either your Team Captain or myself on or before race day please.

Q7 – What terrain does the route take? Are road or trail shoes best?
A7 – The race is a mixture of trail, road and path. Wear whatever shoes you feel most comfortable in – I have run legs in both trail and road shoes with not much difference in time. Please note that all roads will be “LIVE” and you must look out for traffic when crossing them.

Q8 – Any race bling?
A8 – In previous years a nicely crafted race mug has been given out to all runners.

Q9 – Any post race beers?
A9 – Of course!!! Runners congregate in the Podger Pub in Garforth after the race and you can exchange your race number for food from 430pm onwards with the race presentation being held at 6pm. Runners and non runners please feel free to join us.

Q10 – How can I find out how the Teams are doing on race day?
Q10 – In previous years we have set up Facebook threads for each team where updates, pictures etc can be posted. I’ll leave it to team captain to decide how to do this.

Q11 – Who is my Team Captain?
A11 – To be Decided

Q12 – Can you post the teams again please?
A12 – Certainly see the link below.

Leeds Country Way 2016 Teams

Q13 – How do I get to the start and finish?
A13 – As each leg is linear – i.e. starting and finishing at different places then getting to the start and back from the finish is part of the challenge. Usual practice is for you and your partner to take two cars – drive to the finish, leave one car and drive back to the start in the other. However as we have 72 runners this would mean 142 cars dotted around Leeds. Please do look at the Team lists and aim to share cars as much as possible (or enlist the help of a non running chaffeur). If anyone is really struggling for transport please contact your team captain or me and we will see what we can do.

Q14 – Can you post a list of the leg start and finish points please?
Q14 – See below.

LCW Change Over Points and Cut Off Times

Q15 – I’m not really feeling like running can you replace me with a reserve please?
A15 – As it stands there are reserves, however unless you are injured please do try and run. You can all do this!!! 🙂

Q16 – Any toilets provided?
A16 – Other than at the start – Garforth Leisure Centre, you will have to make best use of whatever toilet facilities you can find on while running?

Q17 – Remind me how long my leg is?
A17 – Leg lengths

Leg 1 = 11.75 miles
Leg 2 = 11.15 miles
Leg 3 = 9.8 miles
Leg 4 = 11.5 miles
Leg 5 = 10.06 miles
Leg 6 = 9.7 miles

Q18 – I can’t believe I missed out on this race – can I still run?
A18 – Yes we expect drop out between now and race day and there is also nothing in the rules that prevents any other runners tagging along on a Leg with the individuals of their choice (please note if you do run for fun you won’t qualify for a prize)

Q19 – I’m now running quicker / slower than when the teams were made up can you find me a quicker / slower partner?
A19 – Team changes can be made up to race day – Teams lists are to handed in to Kippax Harriers at registration by 745am on Race Day (i’ll do this by contacting the team captains directly). Team captains should be contacted in first instance if a change is wanted.

and now the biggy

Q20 – What time do I have to be at the start of my leg?
A20 – Unfortunately there is no definite answer to this. Lets start with the easy bits.

Leg 1 – Starts at 8am. Please be at the start ready to run for 745am

Latest Time my Leg will start (the cut off time that will trigger a mass start for all teams whose runners haven’t yet arrived)

Leg 1 start – 8:00am
Leg 2 start – 10:00am
Leg 3 start – 11:45am
Leg 4 start – 1:15pm
Leg 5 start – 2:30pm
Leg 6 start – 3:30pm

You will then have to work out how much quicker than these cut offs your team is likely be and be at the start in plenty of time. If in doubt please contact your team captains as they should be able to find details of how quickly the pairs have done their reccies in ( I would knock off at least 30 minutes from reccie times this as you should run quicker on race day)


Stu Gall
STAC LCW Coordinator

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