Either, or, or both

Either, or, or both!!
Start at the SW corner of the house. Jog diagonally across field to point one
( White light) Run uphill hard to SE corner of house. Recover by turning half
right and jog over cobbles between amphitheatre and stable block. At the road
run hard to main road at top. Turn left and recover along road and carry on
behind house. At far side of house sprint back to start. Jog to point
two(slightly further down field, white and red light) and do it all again. There
will be six points on the field altogether.
If you don’t want to go on the grass, I will put six points on the path down to
the lake. You can then do the same. Jog to point one, run hard to the house,turn
right, across cobbles, hard up to the road, turn left, jog along road and behind
house. Sprint down far side of house to the start.
Repeat as many times as you are able BUT
Remember, these are similar to high intensity sessions and the benefit is gained by both
strong efforts and a slow recovery between each effort. Recovery should mean breathing
almost normally at the start of each effort.
As from next week 13th March we should try and avoid parking in St. Mary’s Church Hall car
park as there will be Lenten srvices attended by Parishioners.

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