East Leeds 10k

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (oops sorry, wrong report, that’s why this has taken me so long to get to press)….However, the massive walking line excavator “Oddball” which greeted us all as we waited for the start of the East Leeds 10k looked like it could belong in any sci-fi film. Oddball stands as a testament to the mining heritage of East Leeds and it whistled in the strong winds that made the generally flat course pretty tough in certain places, especially towards the end. Just when you thought you were getting close to home the course looped away into a headwind, blimey wasn’t wanting that!

But, talking of heritage STAC really showed its colours in this event:
Firstly, what a fantastic turnout we had. By my count we had 67 runners complete the course which was about 20% of the whole field. Brilliant! A couple of STAC runners even had birthdays. A clap and cheer was heard at the start for all the Birthday runners.

Secondly, there was some great support out and about on the course which was really appreciated by everyone running (including the author).

Thirdly, there was some great running. Overall, we had 7 STAC runners in the top 10 including 2nd and 3rd men overall (Kevin and John). We also claimed a number of age cat winners (Michael, Graham & Chris) and claimed 2nd and 3rd overall for the women (Judy and Ruth). The race results from Athletics Weekly show the great achievements, nearly a clean sweep.

Overall – Kevin Erskine 2nd, John Robson 3rd
M40 – Michael Keedy
M50 – Graham Shooter
M60 – Chris Gill
Ladies – Judy Tau Liu 2nd, Ruth Muir 3rd

But, irrespective of whether you won a prize I know there were some really brilliant runs and a few PBs. It was great to see you all there. I would though like to give a special mention to George Schofield who got a PB going below 40 minutes by some way. Nice one George all that hard work over the winter is paying off. For my own part, I was just glad to get round after being injured for so long. Like Mark Hodgson I think it was nice to actually run without being in pain. And best of all nobody got soaked as the rain held off long enough for everyone to finish and grab a well-deserved beer (or chocolate).

Richard Howarth 08th May 2016

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