Dewsbury 10k – 1st February 2015

An early start was in order for the Dewsbury 10k road race on 1st February 2015. Some dealt with this better than others, arriving at least 45 minutes early, to stand around in the Sainsburys car park, shivering. Others took a far more casual approach to time keeping, mentioning no names, Glen Johnson and Robert Blemings….

The endless queue for the car park ticket machine moved at a snail’s pace. No prizes were won by Laura McGouran, who made it to the front of said ticket machine queue in a record time of 45 minutes, requiring a frantic sprint to the arctic start line. Here we found a collection of runners displaying various colours, ranging from pink (quite cold), blue (frost bitten) to purple (almost hypothermic). At one point, Women’s Captain Nicky Coop feared for her life when she was sandwiched into a huge warm STAC huddle, to which she had no escape.

Man on the Microphone went through the usual pre-race drill and said a few words but, as standard, no one could hear at the back, so it’s difficult to report on specifics. In the blink of a watering, wind lashed eye, the runners were off. Like loose frozen peas fresh from the freezer, escaping from the bag when the corner has been cut too wide.

The ground was firm (concrete) and the views were….. urban chic. Volunteer pacer Richard Cooper highlighted interesting shop signs along the route, utilising a bizarre distraction technique for the runners he was supporting. The wind, biting and relentless, caused some of the team to suspect they were suffering from the well documented medical condition, Bleeding Lung.



‘Urban Chic’ Views for Dewsbury 10k Runners

The elite soon met the long awaited half way turning point of five strategically placed traffic cones, which gave immediate respite from the slight incline and minus 5 wind. Here we saw runners begin to pick up their speed with many negative splits reported. Simon Sherras narrowly escaped a near miss whilst tying his shoe lace on the course, when a keen St Johns Ambulance medic assumed he was bending over to be sick, and sent for a stretcher. Surely a technique to be remembered for any runners needing a swift exit from a race.

Karen Head was observed to execute an exceptional side step manoeuvre outside Batley Frontier, when a discarded kebab blew into her path.

Meanwhile, concerns were mounting on the finish line for STAC steeplechase specialist Jude Jackson, who had been offered limited jumping opportunity throughout the course. Would he REALLY attempt to leap the finish line inflatable as rumour suggested?

Romping home for the gents in first place was Richard Herrington, with Ray Love and Terry Midgley not far behind.  Equally as impressive were top 3 ladies Sarah Morley, Becky Sykes and Wanda MacDonald.  Special mention should go to Helen Macdonald who gained a PB without any training this year or in fact, last year.

A total of 57 STAC members completed this race – well done everyone!

At the finish line, team STAC were soon reunited for a post-race photograph, with most runners looking rosy cheeked and considerably warmer.   Back in the car park, Simon Sherras received a menacing handwritten “KEEP OFF OUR CAR PARK” message from a local ‘charity’ retailer…..Welcome to Dewsbury. Please call again soon.

In summary, a very well organised, flat(ish) and fast race which could easily become a firm favourite in the race calendar

Stac Dewsbury

Team STAC Proudly Wearing their Finishers T-Shirts

Report by Sara Jackson

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