Club Runs 2020/21

Due to COVID restrictions, the 2020 club championship has been extended into 2021. Four races took place in 2020, and there’s 8 in 2021. We also have the first few races of 2022 confirmed.

2021 races

2020 races

4 races took place in 2020 (Harrogate PECO, Dewsbury 10k, Spen 20 and Virtual St. Aidan’s 10k. The current results and standings are here.

2022 races

2022 championship will be 14 races with the best 8 counting. Early races are:

  • January 29th – parkrun TBC
  • February 27th – Snake Lane (10 mile, road, flat)

What is the STAC club championship?

The club championship is across 12 selected races over 2020/21. A runners best 7 races will count towards the championship. There will be prizes for best female and male runner and the league table will be updated throughout the year.

For the races chosen, we try to get a good variety of events; from distance, size, terrain and hills!

All 1st and 2nd claim members are welcome to join any or all the races. There is usually a good STAC turnout on all events. So even if you can only make one or two it’s a great way to do a run that you wouldn’t normally do with other STACs!

How does scoring work?

There is a maximum 400 points possible per race.

The fastest STAC will get 400 points; 200 points for the fastest time and 200 points for being best STAC.

Everyone else gets points related to how fast they were compared to the fastest time (so if a person was 25% slower they would get 150/200 points) and their STAC placing in that race (so if they were 5th fastest STAC 195/200) points. A total of 345/400 points for this example.

There are 12 races in 2020/21 and the best 7 will count towards the final placing in the table.

Throughout the year the club championship table will be updated as follows:

Race No.Table will be updated to show:
1Best 1 from 1 race
22 from 2
32 from 3
43 from 4
53 from 5
64 from 6
74 from 7
85 from 8
96 from 9
106 from 10
117 from 11
127 from 12

Previous Championship

Results from the 2019 club championship

Trophy Winners Archive