Club Run 5 – Kirkstall YVAA GP Race Report

It seemed like someone was trying to prevent us from taking part in the YVAA GP at Kirkstall last Tuesday; queuing back almost into the city along Kirkstall Road, road works near race HQ meant most of us needed to dump our cars and leg it to sign on!  Sadly two of our youngest (and perhaps currently keenest?) members were quite literally prevented from taking part…

Butler Brothers

Joe & Wayne – too young to race, but didn’t let it spoil their night!

Joe & Wayne Butler, unfortunately were deemed too you to run, being a vets race and all.  Being the guys that they are though they did not let this get them down, they were there and ready to run; so went for their own run anyway!  That they just happened to run a similar route to the race is pure, happy coincidence.  For future reference, the league it seems are stating that guest runners (those under 35) should be ‘near’ vets age – hopefully they will clarify asap, but in the meantime we suggest it means someone who will turn 35 either this year or next.

The turnout was a little smaller than we have come to expect of the mighty STAC, perhaps being a midweek night or perhaps because many favoured the ever popular ABC later in the week?  Either way, 27 runners (including Joe and Wayne) is nothing to be sniffed at with special mention to our stalwarts who have managed to take part in all five club races so far; Wanda Macdonald, Richard Herrington, Richard Cooper and of course, Andrew Gardner.

So, onto the race… A fast start for a lap around the stunning Abbey before emerging back out for a slog up the A65, briefly taking in the racing mobility scooters on the opposite side of the carriageway (ask Paul Ebrey!), before turning off along the river Aire, across the canal and onto a lap around Bramley Fell Park – I have lived in Leeds for over 8 year now, but it wasn’t until last Tuesday that I realised we have a full on mountain in this city and that it resides in that park!  Oh, talk about being found out…

Altitude sickness recover from, it was back out in the opposite direction, the riverbank on the return gave some chance for recovery and now downhill, the A65 was somewhat less of a slog, meaning most of us were up for a strong finish.

Some great results from STAC, Richard Herrington took 1st M35 and 2nd overall, Terry Midgley was 2nd M40 and 4th overall while Geoff Hardman was first M80!

Highlight of my evening though was finding the one coronation chicken buttie in among all the spam, spam who actually eats that?

Well done everyone who turned out, see you at Goole!



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