Club Race No. 9 – Flat Cap 5

A race which STAC have not done before, this race was a last addition to the club race calendar, so that everybody could take part with no age restrictions as with the vets races. So, being a younger member I say a big thanks for putting this as a club race.

My thoughts overall of this race; it was a wet start and I was getting cold; I wished wasn’t running in my vest but once the race got started I was glad I had my vest because it was nice and cool.

The race was well signposted in Dewsbury town centre, and parking was plentiful, however at the start during the registration it was a bit of a rush; they were supposed to have our St. Theresa’s race number ready for us but they didn’t for some reason or another so we all had to register on the night, however they did apologise for not having our numbers sorted and the start was held off by a few minutes so all was well.

I think we all managed to enjoy this race, well it seemed like most of us did anyway, a flat and fast start on cycling towpaths, narrowing into a field where the rain at the start of the race seemed to have dampened and made some of the course surface very slippy and muddy but I think that made this race more of a challenge and I’m sure some others will agree with me on that one. Also during the race there was a number of dark wet tunnels we had to go through and in some part I could hardly see where I was going so there was some whinging and swearing at myself during this part of the race!

STAC Flatcap

Great to see many of the runners wearing there flat caps too, though this wasn’t me.

Well marshalled and pie and peas after!

Finally, I’ve got to say a massive thank for the support of our running club you are all great and it is good to be running with such a good bunch of people. I’ve got to a massive thanks to Nicki who gave us a lift to the race and that was much appreciated.

thanks 🙂

Joe Butler

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