Club Race No. 6 – Goole River bank challenge – Sunday 7 June 2015

STAC championship race no.6 hosted by Viking Striders was an opportunity for club runners to venture further afield into the East Riding of Yorkshire. The county I was born in!

The main race started at 11:00am and with Goole only 30 miles from Leeds no one needed to get-up too early.

Race HQ was at Westfield Banks Sports Complex. Already, quite a gathering of STAC members when I arrived and there were no queues for numbers or the loos’.

Goole 1Goole 2

The race started on the riverbank top only a short distance from the sports complex. So, time for the customary STAC photo before climbing up the grassy bank to the start.

I started running with Joanne Loftus and Stacey Goodyear but my after 1 mile my Garmin said “no” and I had to let them go. I heard a runner behind me comment on the number of STAC runners and I smiled to myself.

The course followed the river bank into Goole. There was a short section away from the river through the town on pavement but we were soon directed back onto the riverbank again.

The marshals were friendly and I could also here them make comments about all the STAC runners!

The route then took you back along the riverbank and past the sports complex where the finish was. A local club runner pointed this out to me and I adopted the best not to look approach as I knew there was still over 3 miles to go!

Sean Loftus was stood on the bank cheering us all on and this gave me a welcome boost! I started to see faster runners coming back on the road below. Nice shout out from James May with Malcolm Lavery not far behind. I looked forward to getting to the road section so I could pick up a bit of pace to get to the finish. Just another mile or so on the riverbank up to a bridge and then onto the road for the final section.

Overall, a well organised mostly off road scenic 9 mile race which everyone who took part appeared to enjoy, especially Sara!

Report by Lisa Belford-McDowell

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