Chris Gill Summer Handicap Results

Hi All,

Please find attached the results for the Chris Gill Summer Handicap held on the 21st of June 2015.

STAC Chris Gill Handicap Results v2

39 STAC runners took part and we for the first time in the race we had a lady winner!! Well Done Michelle.

Congratulation to the winners and everyone who took part in making the day the success that it was.

* Winner + 1st Lady: Michelle Smale (14:35 under handicap)
* 2nd and 2nd Lady: Lisa Belford-McDowell (13:45 under handicap)
* 3rd and 3rd Lady: Pauline Blackwell (12:31 under handicap)

* 1st Male: Wayne Butler (06:45 under handicap)
* 2nd Male: Simon Sherras (06:30 under handicap)
* 3rd Male: Rob Martin (04:53 under handicap)

* Quickest Lady: Joanne Holland (01:05:18)
* 2nd Quickest Lady: Clary Elliot (01:07:25)
* 3rd Quickest Lady: Helen Matterson (01:07:40)

* Quickest Man: Richard Howarth (53:04)
* 2nd Quickest Man: Paul Ebrey (54:43)
* 3rd Quickest Man: Chris Gill (54:50)


Times are approximate and may differ by a couple of seconds from runners Garmin or watch times.

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