Bumper Thursday

Historically, this January Thursday is the most attended of the winter! Look out for new faces and make them welcome!

Meet outside Brown Cow and Dragon Pub at Whitkirk ( Opposite St. Mary’s Church, Selby Rd. / Colton Rd. LS15) for 6.30 pm start.

Warm up , gentle jog along Colton Rd, through Templenewsam Park to assemble in front of the House. Stay together and socialise!

Similar to last Thursday. Hill pyramid. BUT starting at the top of the’Park Run’ hill which came through the rhododendrons.
Start at the bench just before the rhododendrons. Six points between there and the road, following the path past the farm, and running between stable block, on your left and farm on your right. Run hard to point 1, recover to start. Hard to point 2, recover to start etc. Run on the RIGHT!!
As last week; Elite go to 1,2,3,4,5,5,6,6,5,5,4,3,2,1; the rest of us

Gentle warm down, returning together, to meet at St. Mary’s Church hall car park for communal stretch off

‘Pyramid’ session. At the start the first effort is short and gradually increases to point 6. At point 6 the efforts decrease back to point 1
These are just suggestions, if you wish to do more or less please feel free. If you tailor this to your own ablity then approximately half way through the session you should start to decrease the length of each effort regardless of the fact that you may not have attained point 6.

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