James May

The Stoop – Club Race 15

Members might well recall this was the “members’ choice” race nominated at the AGM, though it wasn’t our biggest turnout of the year. The challenge of getting up on Sunday morning after a Christmas party seems to have defeated some of the intending players. (Was one of them actually still […]


Thursday 8th October

This week’s session is my take on Kenyan Hills, there is a You Tube video to watch below which gives a guide to what we will be doing. For those doing the Yorkshire Marathon, just do what you fancy: The benefits to the session are: – improved power, speed and […]

STAC logo

STAC logo

Thursday 1st October

Meet as usual. Warm up – Running Specific Drills with Wanda. ‘Circles’ on the big field in front of the house. Most people will have done this session before. Work with a partner. Run 1,2,3,4,5,6,5,4,3,2,1 (elite run 2×6 )circles. Have a recovery between circles whilst your partner runs. Stretch.