Another BIG NIGHT 17th April

BEGINNERS :- Registration and signing in from 6.10pm
All need to be registered, if not fully registered last week – and this week £10 fee is due. Notes please!
Go to the following registrars:-
Surnames A – E Karen S
F – H Sam T
I – R Peter
S – W Sara
Members please help to direct people to appropriate cars.
Meet as usual. Suggest that car park to left of Lodge Gate will be best
Welcome to all new on the night and congratulations to all ‘Londoners’
PETER and regular Thursday night group.
Warm up, including dynamic stretches on way to house.
After efforts we will return to start to stretch with beginners.
We will run in circles in front of the house.
Run 1,2,3,4,5,6,5,4,3,2,1 circles. Elite do two lots of 6.
Run with a partner, or threes. One sets off and does one circle, partner then
sets off and does one circle. First runner sets off on two circles when second
runner is back. Each runner has a circle ( or 2, later in the pyramid) rest and
then sets off on their next number.
Beginners under the guidance of GRAHAM SHOOTER and helpers.

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