5th December – Thursday

From near The Brown Cow run up to Templenewsam House, don’t forget to warm up!!
This week is an amalgamation of the last three weeks.
Start at the south west corner of the house, jog diagonally down the field to
point 1 (last week), run hard to south east corner of house, turn half right and
jog past amphitheatre, run hard up hill to road. Turn left, jog along road and
behind house, sprint along west side of house on path to bring you back to
start. Second time down the field you jog down to point 2, then as before. There
will be 6 points on the field, each one further down, you go to the next point
each time you do a circuit. Try to recover by jogging NOT walking.

Thursday 19th December . (Last Thursday before Christmas) St. Mary’s Church Hall is booked for a short period so that we can enjoy a drink and nibbles after the session. NB. There will not be a Thursday session on Boxing day!

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