Thursday 24 May 2018 – Circles

Meeting at 6:30 at corner of field near roundabout, warm up jog to TN House. Insect repellent and a drink would be a good idea.

This Thursday’s session: Circles on grass in front of the House. It’s a good sociable session and running with a partner keeps you working hard. On grass with a view to giving joints a rest from hard tarmac and concrete road running.

Choose a partner or small group of similar ability. We will have laid out a circular course to follow in the direction we tell you to (switch direction halfway through session)!

Increasing number of circles (reps) starting at one. Increase by one each time and try and aim for 5 circles being the longest set. Take one lap rest while your partner runs, then join them for the rest of the laps, they will rest on the last lap and will start the next increased set when you get back… Full instructions given when we get there.

On grass, weather forecast is fine and clear. Trail shoes with a bit of grip may be useful but not necessary.

Howard & Hilda

Ever Increasing Circles

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